11 interesting facts you may not have known about us

11 interesting facts you may not have known about us

This year Technistone celebrates the 30th anniversary of its engineered stone plant, the only one in the Czech Republic. This anniversary has prompted us to reflect back to the time of its beginnings and recall some interesting facts from our history. Each milestone has made us the company we are today – experienced, strong, true to our vision and open to new opportunities.

We’ve picked out a few important facts that define us, but you may not have come across before in connection with the Technistone name. Did you know that:

  1. Our production plant is located in Hradec Kralove and was founded under the name Bohemiastone. It was renamed Technistone in 1997.
  1. The Technistone team, including foreign branches, consists of around 250 employees. And we are always looking for new employees!
  1. The in-house R&D department has field tested over 9,000 colour samples. Among them were materials with bits of shells, colored glass or bright green and orange.
  1. We work with the principles of the recycling economy – we use glass and mirrors as secondary raw materials. We are the first manufacturer ever to come up with the idea of adding them as an ingredient in engineered stone. We have achieved a remarkable and very effective shimmering effect.
  1. In 2020, up to 45% of the raw materials used in production were locally sourced. From Czech quarries, we source mainly granites and sands, e.g. from the Krásno quarry.
  1. One of the best-selling colors from the Technistone® range is Crystal Absolute White, which is made with pure white Indian quartz. That is why its delicate representation is also present in the colour selection of our new Stone with Soul concept.
  1. We are part of the Handle Stones With Care initiative and give our customers information on the latest practices for safe stone handling.
  1. Our biggest project to date is the Lusail Multipurpose Hall in Qatar, where 47,000 m2 of Technistone® material was delivered.
  1. We have published over 780 interior design articles in 7 languages on our blog.
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  1. We were at the birth of the world-famous Inspireli Project, which still awards students with Inspireli Awards for their work. The Wings to the future trophy belongs to one of the last works of the project’s co-founder, glassmaker and architect Bořek Šípek.
  1. In 2019, we became part of the American company Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces. This was one of the largest transactions of the year in the Czech Republic. And what are the future plans? Very ambitious, so we believe that the next round anniversary will bring many innovations that will please fans of design and quality materials.

We could go on and on, as the engineered stone industry brings with it a lot of data. You can find out even more about us and our staff and clients from around the world on social media, where we share top projects and interesting facts about the Technistone background.