2in1: kitchen with living room

Houses and modern open-plan apartments often don’t have dividing walls, so a living room with kitchen act as one room. However, connecting the dining and living areas can also be achieved by taking down the existing walls. More and more households are approaching this rather radical step, but too what end? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this interior solution together.


Measure twice, cut once

The idea of open kitchen is certainly not for everyone. Especially lovers of traditions, where the separation of rooms is necessary, thus the interconnection of the rooms should be avoided so that they don’t regret it later. If, however, you desire a multifunctional space, consider using your handy architect or designer to help you with the layout of your room and at the same time assess which wall can really be demolished. Moreover, not every space is suitable for this fundamental step.

Rebuilding a kitchen can be a rather lengthy and costly process, so think about it in advance.
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The benefits of open kitchens

  • Miraculous multitasking

You’ve already heard of multitasking, it’s a trend of the past few years. The goal is to do as many activities as possible. When you combine the kitchen with the living room, you can watch your favorite series while cooking a Sunday lunch and also watching the kids who can play in the living room at the same time.

  • Ideal for visits

If you often have visitors, this is an ideal choice. Kitchens can be equipped with an island that serves as a dining table – allowing you to cook and serve food at the same time.

This type of kitchen will allow you to have a conversation with visitors during cooking
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  • Space in the main role

In addition, the open space will support natural light in the house. Thanks to the missing walls you can enjoy airy and maximized space


There are also drawbacks

  • Smell as an enemy

All the fragrances, but also odors, are easily interconnected by the unified space. Though the smell of fresh lunch is tempting, in the afternoon it is no longer true, and the smell of burnt food in the living room will not bring much joy. Therefore, think of a quality and powerful hood.

  • Not for introverts

As we have already mentioned, not everyone is an advocate of open space. When you connect the living area with the kitchen, don’t expect privacy and intimacy.

Open floor plans spread sound and noise in space, will you mind it?
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