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5 creative documents for lovers of design and architecture

The flowers outdoors are in full bloom right in front of our eyes, nature awakens with splendid weather infused with new energy calling for new creativity. Can you feel the excitement? The restlessness? Do you have the urge to sweep out long-abandoned corners of the house, paint, refurbishes a table or finally re-arrange the furniture in the sitting-room. Are you looking for the right inspiration to get you started? In your free-time take a look at the 5 creative documents which might help you start your creative adventure and help you realize your dreams not only for your house.


Own less, live more

This is a simplified motto of Joshuy and Ryana, two documentarists who have been giving lectures worldwide on minimalism while searching for things which are considered essential in life.

This document brings insights on how having fewer possessions can bring satisfaction. The issues are addressed through lectures, given by both authors and interviews with people whose lives and career have been influenced by the acquisition of material wealth. The question of minimalism is viewed pragmatically and at the same time in such a manner that the views expressed do not conflict with, for example, the position of passionate collectors for whom acquisition is a fulfilling pastime.

The philosophy of minimalism recognizes sustainable materials which by their nature do not overwhelm the overall concept of the interior and are in line with its uniqueness and timelessness which give the house a new lease of life. 


Minimalism of sustainable materials Technistone® Minimalism of sustainable materials Technistone® - kitchen, countertop


Let’s start from the floor

You probably have not started spring cleaning because you haven’t got the motivation, right?

The Japanese cleanliness guru Marie Kondo examines looks at the ‘‘skeletons’’ in your closet. If you intend to start try the recommendations of Marie and dump everything else. Leave only those things which give you pleasure and don’t get nostalgic. Dispose of things that are not needed and arrange the rest in the ward-robe compactly according to their sizes, what you need regularly and always, always put them back in their place. You can then move on to clothes ,papers, decorations or kitchen utensils . However, my advice is that you draw inspiration from the online series on transformations and change right from the beginning of your ingrained habits. Together with her book the ”The Life-changing Magic of Tidying’’, we guarantee that from now on you will love it.

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How things are made 

    This exceptional documentary series about art and design continues to fascinate me as it showcases extraordinary contemporary talented artists, designers and architects. If I am to recommend only one documentary which fully turn around your imagination and give insight into the work of the best creative artists in the world it is Abstract.  

This Netflix’s miniseries is in its second season and offers 14 documentaries brimming with ideas. One part, in particular, is devoted to interior design shows the principles of interior design based on harmony with your senses.

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Timeless elegance with an imprint of nature is also reflected in the Technistone photo collection called TREND

Timeless elegance with the feel of nature penetrates even the latest Technistone collection TREND    


Who is Axel Vervoodt

Discovering the beauty of perfection and imperfection, combining the old with the new in creating an original solution from what already exists.

One of the most acclaimed interior designers Axel Vervoodt in a short documentary shows the sophisticated elegance of his works in the spirit of wabi sabi”

His fascinating presentation, is a lot of philosophy and an ideological manifesto which will help you understand the beauty of natural stone in the interior, uniqueness of found objects who at first sight might have been relegated into obscurity and timeless ancient pieces which in a new context get a totally new lease on life. Just in case you can’t get enough of his work the book ” wabi sabi” is an unquantifiable source of personal inspiration.

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Nothing wasted

American architect Michael Reynolds is an exemplary example of sustainability in practice. For over 40 years he has successfully constructed economically accessible houses using old tyres, empty beer cans and even glass bottles. Simply put, waste which ordinarily qualifies for trash is put into use. His work confronts and answers issues relating to the protection of the planet from our destructive activities.

Not only are his design materials very eco-friendly, but the construction techniques are also flexible and inexpensive. In addition, they are self-sustaining enabling recycling of waste, capable of heating and water conservation. ”The architecture of waste” is far more than a documentary. It is a film story with a charismatic main hero who  you like to the last moment.

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