Detail of hardened TechniStone® stone

5 most common Myths about engineered stone

Or rather what we would surely not inscribe into Technistone®

Simply put, these are characteristics which we would not under any circumstances engrave into our engineered stone product Technistone®. Together let us examine the roots of the myths most often associated with the product, facts and fiction which are circulated in the world of interior design, then proceed to refute and reject them once and for all.

  1. Technistone® is an artificial stone

This is not true. The correct name is technically engineered or conglomerated stone. Artificial stone comprises of 70% natural elements at most sometimes even less. Technistone®, on the other hand, contains not less 90% natural elements. The remaining 10% is composed of binders, a resin that bonds these natural components (granite rock, granite aggregates, crystals, sand, glass and pigments) together to form the basic characteristics and gives it the overall appearance

  1. Engineered stone is delicate

On the contrary, because of its resin content, it is able to acquire many positive material characteristics. The main characteristic is zero water absorption. The Technistone® surface is totally impervious not even wine, coffee, tea, oil, detergents can seep through (however caution is needed for very strong chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid which you might not ordinarily store at home except if you are a young chemist because it can do damage) or dyes.

Thanks to the binder it is robust and capable of withstanding three times the mechanical impact strength of natural stone and ceramics (about 80 MPa). With caution, you can slice on the surface. However, exposure to very high temperatures (above 120`c) is not recommended. Therefore, direct contact with hot cooking utensils or oven plates without the use of thermo-resistant pads should be avoided.

Note: All products are subjected to vigorous standard independent laboratory tests

Gray shade of the kitchen with hardened Technistone® stone
  1. Engineered stone is expensive

The real value of a stone is its durability over time. It is an investment that appreciates with time. Consider the time and expense spent on renovating or refurbishing furniture made from wood after a couple of years and the convenience of having an ever radiant Technistone® appearance with its properties after the same period. Rationally the price changes with the specifications. The most affordable are the Eco products. Our customers appreciate that they are manufactured from Czech raw materials while environmentalists are interested in the Recycled Content Certificate which guarantees that 30% is made from recycled materials.

The saying” I am not rich enough to buy cheap things” is 100 % applicable here. We furnish the kitchen about twice in a lifetime and therefore a good quality worktop can raise its surrounding to an appreciable level both aesthetically and practically.

Note: The final price of a Technistone® product is ‘’chiselled’’ by the specifications of the customer, kitchen plan (area and arrangement), location and any other requirements of the customer. In making an order it is necessary to forward details of the location, floor plan and selected decor. Our in-house experts then estimate the cost including transport, installation and other parameters used for pricing. These will be clearly spelt out in the invoice.

  1. Engineered stone requires high maintenance

Wrong again, it is maintenance-free. There is no need to especially impregnate or treat the surface.

The initial installation retains its beauty for the life-span of the kitchen and even longer. All you need is water and liquid soap with a clean rag. If it was capable of doing this by itself it would be perfect.

Vase with a bouquet on hardened Technistone® stone - stone slabs
  1. Engineered stone is heavy

The most commonly used 2cm thickness material weighs 50kg/m2. Comparatively, it is slightly lighter than natural stone but heavier than a laminate board. It can be safely supported by any reasonably constructed kitchen frame without bracings

Conclusion –natural stone has better characteristics

Natural stone is exotic, original and an endless source of inspiration. There is no comparison with it. Technistone® is a material manufactured from it which tries to project its properties into the needs of the modern man. Its appearance is another factor which is in harmony with nature and lends itself to flexible use by professionals such as designers, clients and current trends in interior design. The Technistone® Research and Development Department is equipped to increasingly produce complex and sophisticated decors that are timeless, attractive and versatile.

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