9 things that suit every interior

Right now,you are maybe exited to move to a new place.  You are looking forward to the challenges of this pure white sheet of blank paper. Or you are already in it and you have a long and winding road full of changes ahead of you. Maybe, you’ve been in one place for too long and there’s still one step missing in your cozy home to achieve complete satisfaction.

As a rule we do not believe in universal tips and versatile solutions sometimes lacking individual uniqueness, but there are exceptions. Be inspired by a list of nine things that suit every interior without exception.



Come to think of it, even if the budget is corset tight it does not matter. We always prefer two months of only bread and water and investing in something permanent, over a quick and cheap solution in the form of cheap materials, which will sooner or later become difficult to recycle even as waste. Wood has charm, nostalgia, compatibility, and is a renewable and traditional material that brings us back to our roots which perhaps helps us to preserve the heritage that nature itself offers us.


For wood, “More is better” (Crystal Absolute White, TechniStone®)



Strong, durable, practical and timelessly beautiful, a genuine natural material. There are few better things you could wish for in your interior. And its versatility stands at the top of all the strengths! You can use it on kitchen worktops, on tables, tiles, stairs, window sills and it will also stand out beautifully in the bathroom. From floor to ceiling!


Stone will make the bathroom sophisticated and your daily shower a ritual something to look forward   to… (Taurus Terazzo Grey, TechniStone®)



Area rugs on the floor, cushions on the sofa, curtains on the windows, a bedspread. Fabrics add softness and texture to the interior making it appear exotic. They can change it, make it cozy and transform it beyond recognition beyond color and style. Nothing else is as easy to change. If you are adventurous, dress the interior in Provence style one half of the year and in the other half in wickedly elegant satin and velvet.

Plants and flowers

The easiest way to be close to nature and in the middle of a busy city is to bring it home. It is not necessary to immediately throw yourself into the conversion of the living room into a sort of botanical garden or jungle, but a houseplant can be hung in a corner, on the windowsill and from the ceiling a kokedam perhaps and you will feel more comfortable at home.


Plants clean the air and make the work environment more pleasant, relax the eyes which everyone who has home-office right now will greatly appreciate. (Residente Dark, TechniStone®)



Fire creates a feeling of warmth and security in us when properly handled. If you are not among the lucky ones with your own fireplace or stove, you will be content with lit candles. Watching a burning flame is very relaxing and calming. Try to arrange several in the middle of a table in different heights and thicknesses. Magic is guaranteed.


Nothing conjures up such a soothing vibe as a gently burning candle flame. (Crystal Belgium, TechniStone)



Black and white, old and new, a unified whole with one distinctive dash of canary yellow. It is not about opposites but compatibility.  Contrasts have always worked well. Because one unique thing can miraculously lift  the whole. Take advantage of this at home and play with their properties. Unleash your imagination and calmly involve the children, who will broaden the horizons of your own imagination.

Floor lamps, floor lamps and lamps

Ceiling lighting is very practical, but when it comes to creating the feeling of a cozy home, floor lamps and wall mounted lamps are the dominant players shining in the lead role of creating a relaxed atmosphere. A cone of light climbing up the wall is a bit like a blazing fire, so it’s no wonder you’ll feel good in such an illuminated interior.

Something on the Wall

One painting or group of prints and illustrations, a shelf, a clock, a work of art or a guitar left by Grandpa. Objects hung on the wall all take the room to the next level, as they optically occupy the space. And last but not least, it indicates taste, style and interests of those who live there. Don’t be afraid to show off and calmly go for it, step by step. For example, a poster on the wall and a few photos attached with adhesive. You can start framing and hammering in nails later.


A well-chosen image will make the walls dance and delight tired eyes. (Noble Imperial Grey, TechniStone®)


Shiny metal

As a miracle, small metal elements can miraculously synchronize the entire interior across all rooms. Assuming you choose only one. Chrome is suitable for very modern interiors, while copper and brass give them character. You can use them as table bases, door and window handles,  , , lampshades or small decorations such as candlesticks, bowls, boxes and picture frames. Don’t forget that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but is achieved through details!


Imaginatively metallic elements can be applied to any piece of the interior (Noble Carrara, TechniStone®)