A Luxurious Bathroom — The Right Place for Relaxing Every Day

A Luxurious Bathroom — The Right Place for Relaxing Every Day

A small room that can do big things. That’s the bathroom, the often-neglected Cinderella of the home. Its furnishing definitely deserves a great deal of attention. How do you take an ordinary bathroom and conjure up a designer gem that makes you feel like you are in a luxury spa?

Keep a Consistent Style

Luxury can take many forms; for some it’s ample space, for others gold and diamonds, and for still others it’s plenty of free time. Of course, different tastes are reflected in the design of an interior and vary all over the world. In some places luxury is a Persian mosaic, elsewhere minimalism reigns supreme. Think it over for yourself and browse through the various inspirations for your bathroom. Why does something appeal to you? Does it fit in with the rest of your home’s interior? If you answer these kinds of questions, you’ll be better able to design a bathroom in which you will feel comfortable for years to come.
When designing your bathroom, stick to simple lines that look good and are easy to maintain, and keep a consistent style. If you aren’t sure about choosing the right elements, don’t be afraid to ask for the help of a professional designer. He or she will be familiar with the latest trends and can offer you the most suitable options. You can work through different designs together and perfectly tailor the final bathroom design to your needs and wishes. There are also various computer apps available today that will allow you to experience the space for yourself before it is finished, thanks to virtual reality.

Bet on Natural Materials

So that your luxurious bathroom will stand up to everyday wear and tear, focus on superior, durable materials like high-quality tiles, stone, and glass. Stone tiles are very popular. Porous marble may not always be the right choice, but there are alternatives. TechniStone® tiles are just as beautiful. They offer a wide range of colours to choose from and are very easy to care for. Don’t be afraid to use wood in the bathroom either. It requires more attention and more frequent care, but it looks great.
Focus on technical workmanship too. Better quality will make the design of the bathroom perfect and easy to maintain. Pay attention to the use of materials that are resistant to moisture, something that is especially important in less well-ventilated bathrooms.

Choose a Centrepiece and Let the Accessories Stand Out

The most prominent elements in a bathroom are usually the bathtub and washbasin. In recent years, free-standing tubs have become a symbol of luxury in stylish bathrooms. They draw attention to themselves by their central position. Stone tiling on the wall or the vanity top around a washbasin can also be a standout centrepiece. Engineered stone from TechniStone® is a great choice for either one. If you want a single style throughout the house, you can coordinate the bathroom tiles with the kitchen countertop and the dining room table. Your chosen decor will pull the entire interior together like the proverbial red thread.
Accessories are also part of bathroom decor. A bunch of multi-coloured bottles and scattered hairbrushes definitely do not contribute to a harmonious impression, so try to hide most of your equipment in wicker baskets or other organisers. Avoid plastic items and instead invest in materials like glass, concrete, or bamboo. The water faucets and shower head can also be distinctive elements. You can’t go wrong here with a matt black colour, or you can go for gold to accentuate the overall look of your bathroom.

Hide the Practical Side of Things

If you want your bathroom to evoke the feeling of a luxury spa, try to hide away all the practical necessities like the washer, dryer, and water heater. Imagine looking forward to a long relaxing bath after a busy day and the first thing you see when you go in the bathroom is the open door of the washing machine, flashing lights, and a pile of dirty laundry. Instead of a well-deserved rest you may find yourself starting a second working shift.
If you don’t have a separate area for your appliances, try to conceal the essential machinery in an alcove or behind sliding doors or a curtain.


Because we cannot ignore climate change, sustainability has found its way into our homes and our everyday behaviours. To help preserve the environment we can choose appropriate appliances for the bathroom. There are faucets that barely noticeably reduce the flow of water thanks to aerators made from resistant materials or that limit the temperature of the water at 38° C to prevent scalding. Today’s toilets offer two ways of flushing as a standard feature, which saves water. There are even combined toilets and washbasins where the water used for washing hands runs into the toilet’s tank ready to be reused for flushing.

A free-standing bathtub is an exquisite centrepiece for a roomy bathroom. The combination of the white tub with black accessories and TechniStone® tiles in Crystal Steel creates a harmonious feeling.

When organizing the bathroom, don’t forget the accessories. Shades of grey with beige is an unusually harmonious combination that radiates a well-deserved calm.

Dual washbasins help to deal with the morning rush. The clean lines of the space are accented by a white vanity top made from TechniStone® engineered stone in Crystal Absolute White.
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The seemingly industrial grey colour of Noble Pro Frost will nevertheless suit a bathroom in an updated village style.
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There is no need to fear using dark colours in a bathroom. With the right lighting, they can create a subtle and sophisticated look.
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