A New Technistone Design for Every Stage of Life

New TechniStone® designs will sweep in this autumn along with the cooler weather. We’ve created five designs that have one thing in common — they’re a reminder that TechniStone® will be with you for decades, through all of life’s important moments. It will be at the heart of the spaces where you spend quality time with your family and good friends over the years. Where you slice birthday cakes at the table, raise your children, and sit by the fire on chilly evenings. Consider choosing one of these designs:


To stand out, a design needs a solid, stable foundation. That’s exactly what TechniStone® in the Altamonte decor provides to a room. Its color scheme evokes emotions we loved feeling in our childhood — joy, comfort, and security. 

We’re expanding our Wilsonart Collection with a design whose warm tones are sure to captivate you. Altamonte’s misty background is dappled with clouds of creamy white, gold, and bronze, which together create a unique decor that will brighten any space. Altamonte looks perfect when combined with natural materials. Team it with muted colors such as beige or cream, but don’t be afraid to play around with gold accessories as well. The right combination of materials will give you a room where you’ll feel comfortable from the moment you enter.

Verde Peak

Another design that has broadened our Wilsonart Collection is the Verde Peak decor. It’s a reliable choice when you need a bit of purpose and inspiration, but with some solid ground under your feet. Behind its elegance and charm lies an inner strength. 

Verde Peak, like the other designs in the Wilsonart Collection, shows distinct veining. This time, however, the veins appear in shades of marbled grey and green and stretch in different widths across a white background. Verde Peak looks great when set against dark materials and accessories, such as dark-brown wooden cabinets and black metal hardware.

Bronze Coast

Relax after a hard day at work with a glass of red wine and your closest family and friends. Bronze Coast will help you create the ideal place for spending happy moments that you’ll never want to forget. 

The white base of this new design from the Wilsonart Collection is streaked with prominent veins in various shades of brown, which create a unique interplay of color and texture. The earthy tones of Bronze Coast make an unforgettable impression, especially when used on larger surfaces like walls and kitchen islands. If you really want to play with your color scheme, try combining it with dark green components. You will see that that combination of colors works surprisingly well. To perfectly highlight TechniStone® in the Bronze Coast design, pair it with golden or black accessories.


TechniStone® in the Glencoe design is the last new addition to the Wilsonart Collection, but it is no less luxurious than any of the others. This design reminds us of all the moments in our lives that we’ve enjoyed in the company of TechniStone® — dozens of birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and “just” time spent with our loved ones. The grace and elegance of Glencoe will never age. It’s timeless. 

Here we find marble veining in creamy white tones that spreads over a warm, neutral background. In combination with colors like beige, cream, or brown, you can create a calm and peaceful interior. You can combine Glencoe too with gold accents, which will give any room the air of a timeless classic.

Romano Ricco

Romano Ricco is the only new design we’ve added to our popular Serenity Collection this time. It will travel with you for many years along the long path of your life. Everyone needs something to rely on in those important moments of their life. TechniStone® in Romano Ricco will help you create the heart of your home — you’ll have breakfast with your family there in the morning, make yourself a tasty mid-day meal in a timeless surrounding, and at night share precious moments around a handsome table made with TechniStone®.  

Romano Ricco is full of elegance with striking grey veining on an ivory background. Together they create a true work of art. Romano Ricco can be combined with black or gold accessories and creates a pleasing contrast with warmer tones like beige and cream colors.

Our motto, “Beauty that Lasts,” inspires each of our new decors and is imprinted on every slab. Thanks to its excellent utility, engineered stone from Technistone will accompany you at every stage of your life. 

Has one of our new designs, inspired by life itself, attracted your special attention?