Architect Ljudmila Funika-Müür Has Art in Her Blood

Ljudmila Funika-Müür is a successful young architect and designer from Estonia. She received her bachelor’s degree in interior architecture in 2011. At present, she has her own architectural studio, STUUDIO88, which is focused on the design and furnishing of private homes and commercial spaces. In addition, she is caring for her husband and her two sons, whom she loves above everything else.

Starting Early 

Ljudmila says that her love for art, architecture, and design came to her at a young age. “As a child I went along with my father to construction sites so I could see how each room took shape. I observed how walls, floors, and ceilings shaped the rooms where people would live. She adds with a smile that arts and crafts were her most favorite hobbies as a child. Anyone who sees her work will notice influences of those in her design projects. 

Ljudmila says of herself that she has chosen to blaze her own path in life. She successfully graduated from university and founded STUUDIO88. It should come as no surprise that she not only likes to design private homes, apartments, and offices, but public spaces as well. 

It Couldn’t Be Done Without Art and Culture  

Creativity is a fundamental part of Ljudmila’s work. She regularly visits trade shows focused on home furnishings, interior design, and architecture. She often finds inspiration there, but, she continues, “my greatest source of inspiration is art and culture in general.” She believes that she obtains the energy she needs to keep working from successfully completing her projects and from her satisfied clients. “Inspiration comes to me even in my sleep. My mind is like a machine that constantly generates all kinds of ideas. It never stops until the work is done. Then it can rest.” 

Combining Creativity and the Needs of the Individual Client as the Key to Success

Ljudmila has no shortage of ideas. But that isn’t all. In her work, she considers it essential to understand the specific needs of her clients and get to know the space that they have available. “When I start a design and look around for ideas, I take into account the surroundings, the space, the light, and even how a place sounds. The design of an interior should reflect its owner. That’s how you create a home with a capital H.” 

Natural Materials First

Ljudmila likes using combinations of wood and stone best. However, she considers the right combination of colors and textures to be important and something that should not be overlooked. Although she loves durable natural materials, she admits that it isn’t always possible to use them. “In Estonia, we like to use wood. We almost never use what you might call “cold” materials. The exception is bathrooms, where tiled floors and walls are essential.”

Versatile and Easy-to-Maintain Stone 

As an architect, Ljudmila uses engineered stone in almost all of her projects, most often for kitchen worktops and wall coverings. She likes it mainly because of its technical qualities. “It has excellent utility and looks beautiful. It is simple to maintain and clean.” Lyudmila recommends, “You just have to have it in your kitchen.” The TechniStone® designs she most likes to use in her projects are Noble Troya and Noble Ivory White

Following Global Trends 

Ljudmila says that she wishes the design world would slow down a bit and put more emphasis on sustainability. “It isn’t necessary to change what’s on offer so often. We don’t need so many new products. Trends are changing so quickly that we have to let some of them pass by.” Some things never change, however. “The best trend, the one we always keep up with, is the connection to nature. I hope that doesn’t ever change.”

If you want to take a closer look at Lyudmila’s projects and let them inspire you, visit her on Instagram or on the STUUDIO88 webpages. We promise you, there’s plenty there to see!