Around the world with Technistone®

Hardly anyone knows that hardened stone has been produced in Hradec Králové for more than 25 years, and under the Technistone® brand. Since 1997, Technistone‘s in-house development and innovative approach has made the company one of the world leaders in this field. Every year, it comes up with new original decors that customers in more than 75 countries ask for.

Technistone® is an uncompromising blend of quality, design and functionality. It is a modern material that will become the pearl of every interior and exterior.

If you like to travel, you‘ve certainly see how the use of stone varies in different parts of the world.  Have you ever noticed that to the east the tradition of building in stone is much more widespread? This is also true of Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain where historically stone has ben a component part of both interior and exterior design, thanks to both its durability and accessability.

Throughout central and northern Europe however, due in large part to abundant forests, the dominant raw material has long been wood and wood products.

Today, the combination of these two elements, wood and stone, has created a trend that is gaining traction globally. In combination with wood, stone becomes a pleasant addition that adds permanence, beauty, variety and a unique touch of nature to contemporary interior designs.

Before we take off….

First we‘ll go where most long trips start – to the airport!

At Beirut Airport in Lebanon, hungry travelers will be delighted with the delectable sushi from this restaurant, which is decorated with a Classic Black bar of brilliant man made stone.

In the Duty Free Zone at Heathrow Airport, you can stroll through these dazzling Starlight Black tiles for your purchases.

From the airport, most people head straight to the hotel to unpack, recover from jet lag and recharge their batteries before setting out to explore new places.

In this room at the Carlise Bay Hotel on Antigua Island, hardened stone works in concert with simple, basic grey and white colors to provide the ultimate in relaxation after a long journey.

Headed inland now to a realm of ancient kingdoms, located in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, the Sheraton welcomes guests directly at the Royal Royal reception desk.

After so mach travelling it‘s easy to get hungry. The enticing and exotic smell that comes from restaurants as you stroll down the street tempts you to explore and taste local delicacies.

For something trulyt exotic and beautiful, how about the Ginger Grill Restaurant at Ocean Park Resort in Hong Kong, the pearl of Asia? This restaurant with a Harmonia Altay bar dazzles the park visitors not only with a selection of exotic dishes, but also with its sublimely modern, clean design.

When in Europe, the perfect end to an ideal meal has to be good Italian coffee and a sweet dessert. In Bratislava, Slovakia, Café Rossini is the place to be, a cozy Roman café full of Technistone® features. The tiles and tables are decorated with luxurious Technistone® Crystal Diamond.

If you want a night cap, you don’t have to go too far. Globo Restaurant is also located in Bratislava, right in the city center, where brilliant cocktails are mixed before your eyes on Technistone® Noble Athos Brown.

As we continue on around the world, let’s make another stop in hot Qatar, where you can watch major sporting events in the Lusail Arena, a completely modern, 80,000 seat stadium of unrivaled splendor purpously built for the FIFA World Cup Quatar 2020. Harmonia Altay tiles were laid over 2,000 m2 or interior space to represent the solid beauty of the surrounding desert sands.

If you prefer cultural experiences to sports, visit the Opera House in Szczecin, Poland. This modern building will impress you at first sight with its eccentric shapes.

On the other hand, it retains its classic look with clean, white elements. The center of the lobby is made of beautiful Crystal Absolute White, the whitest and one of the most popular Technistone® shades.

Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Cape Town… we could go further and publish a whole book on places worth seeing showing the amazing and wonderfully creative uses of hardened stone in both private and commercial interiors.

Are you interested in more of our far and near references? This place is packed with amazing projects that will help you discover other increadible places around the world: