Bathroom Trends for 2019

First up; tips in the bathrooms of the future. How much will trends change your bathroom? In fashion are timelessness, large-format slabs and color matching. Read carefully. Invest well. Your greatest motivation to change should be a bathroom that will last and you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Create a magical spa retreat.

The harmony of nature and modern technology creates an unrealistic consistency for mind and body. Luxury care is the foundation. LED screens in the shower are no longer just a dream. Built-in speakers will delight the soul with quality music for a relaxing bath. However, new technologies are still linked to natural materials. Your bathroom should be an oasis of peace for you, where you relax your mind and your body.


Colors are based on materials used throughout the interior. In the coming year, the natural tones will dominate the bathroom – brown, beige, gray, white and green. But we should supply green in the form of plants and decorations.



Do not be afraid to implement green into the bathroom through the use of plants. Plants give the room depth and provide a necessary sense of relaxation. We need not fear bigger pieces.

If you are a fan of experiments and not afraid to venture further into modern design, this year’s trend will be a completely black bathroom. Create the perfect spa using only black!


Source: / Serenity Poetic Black


Fashionable  bathrooms now capture the element of open space. Connecting a bathroom with a master bedroom. The concept of open bathrooms, where there is no possibility of hiding behind a wall or somewhere in the corner, are gaining popularity abroad. People enjoy space. They connect it with large windows and nature. It is a wonderful spectacle and balm for the soul and the body. Open up to the world, too.

Source: SA Decor and Design

Source: Maison Velentina