Behind the scene “Stone With Soul”

What would the soul of Technistone®  engineered stone look like  in  human form that senses, experiences and feels? The new Stone With Soul communications campaign takes an unconventional look at Technistone® engineered stone as a symbol of the living perfection that is part of our stories,  which surrounds us and makes our world  better . Discover all the faces of Technistone® engineered stone, whose unique and individual beauty comes from its core, shines through and enlivens interiors.

How the soul was born

“We know who we are. Due of that, we know where we are going.” These are the core values espoused by Marketing Agency Justmighty. Thanks to this approach, a young team of creative enthusiasts can turn visions into real inventive projects and campaigns, such as Stone With Soul. The initial idea for the new concept was born over a year ago with the aim of changing the traditional idea of stone as a cold and inanimate material. To present it in a different way, in a human way. “I played with the motif of the soul and its contrast, with stone as a symbol of cold,” recalls Director Jan Kolář on the creation of the script for the video. “It also depends a lot on the lilt of the words, the intonation and the voice itself. I knew from the beginning that it had to be a captivating, even poetic female voice that caresses the soul,” Jan adds.

Crystal Absolute White - Stone With Soul Technistone

The soul of stone is an everyday part of our lives. It senses, feels and experiences. If you become quiet, it will tell you its story. (Crystal Absolute White, Technistone®)    

Stone in real contours

Transforming the soul of the stone into a real entity that feels, breathes, moves and blends colourfully into the background was one of the biggest challenges the creators faced.  “For this project, we thought long and hard and tried different options to create so-called sculptures in the shades of Technistone® engineered stone. The initial idea was real bodypainting.  However, some of the designs are so detailed and jagged, so we chose a different approach. We painted the actor with a base colour, including the hair, and then “wrapped” it with a digital texture in post-production. In this way, the effect of blending in with the background was achieved. 3D technology was used to make the penetration of the characters into the walls and kitchen cabinets more believable,” says the director.

By combining real people and digital technology, the soul of the stone was born. Make-up artists gave the characters a stone-like appearance. (Photo: Justmighty)

The heroes of the story

The entire concept involved 25 experts from different areas of production and manufacturing who helped breathe soul into the Technistone® engineered stone. The colours Crystal Calacatta Silva, Noble Concrete Grey, Pearl Delta and other popular shades have become the protagonists of the story “Stone With Soul”, Technistone’s new communication campaign.

“The director has a vision that consists of many details. It’s not just about what camera will be used or what the footage will be. It’s about every single detail, including the moment a character makes a move, opens their eyes, or a musical theme plays. It all has to go hand in hand. The best part and challenge of preparing the whole concept was putting everything together and looking forward to the final result with a real message and idea.” adds the director in conclusion.

Team of young creatives - agency Justmighty

The whole team of young creatives. (Photo: Justmighty)