Best Interior Design by Pinterest

Pinterest has compiled the best trends for this year, which its users best rated and shared. Look at them too.

Geometric tables with stone slabs, such as Technistone®.
Connect your kitchen, dining room and living room. Choose the shade of the worktop to suit your needs and ideas in the shade you enjoy, but which is also timeless. To do this, have a dining table with the same shade of the slabs as you have in the kitchen. And if you have a kitchen connected to the living room, put a small table with the same slab there too. Beautifully and timelessly connect your entire interior.

Source: Pinterest

Framed flowers, preferably from your garden. The transparent frames on the wall are beautiful and look beautiful in every corner of the house or flat. The clean lines of flowers are excellent, the frame is just on second place. You can also put in the frames an angel fever found for joy, the first hair of your baby or a photo. You can also play with the wall color in the background, no limits. You can put pictures on the chest of drawers to make a beautiful summer atmosphere anytime of the year.

Source: Pinterest

Fringed furniture. Fringe are this year on walls, furniture, chandeliers, blankets, bedding and decorations. The luxurious bathroom also deserves a beautiful stool from which you make a star room. Just relax.

Source: Pinterest

An unexpected carpet. It is trendy in bathrooms, kitchens between main kitchen and island, in halls, verandas, terraces. Anywhere.

Source: Jenny Komenda _ Rug / Pinterest