Better Home Design Studio

Better Home Design Studio

“For a better home and an interior that never goes out of style!’’

The real, everyday life of a person can only be seen during an unexpected visit to their home. When talking to a designer, clients don’t have to tell the truth, but communicate a piece of their life. In addition to his profession, the designer becomes a psychologist and sociologist; he has to adapt the project to the individual desires and needs of the client. This reasoning is the unwritten strategy of the Polish design studio – Better Home.

Better Home has been operating on the Polish market for more than 8 years. At the beginning they offered only professional preparation of the property for sale, including interior photography, the so-called homestaging. With the increase in the number of satisfied customers over time demanding for more comprehensive services it became necessary to review their scope.  To meet the demand, they expanded their portfolio to include interior design. Under the name Better Home, run by 4 likeable and creative professionals.  Agnieszka and Jędrzej are the co-founders of Jędrzej Project Managers. Jędrzej supervises projects. Agnieszka and Karolina prepare new interior designs. The foursome is complemented by Marta, who deals with administration. The studio creates unique projects without duplicating catalogue solutions. Many interior design trends look great but are often impractical in everyday life.

The signature of Better Home interiors is modern classicism. “We avoid perfect designs from catalogues. A lot of trendy interiors looks perfect but lack sufficient storage space or are not practical for everyday life. Personally, I advocate eclecticism, i.e. combining things that don’t seem to belong together but ultimately look phenomenal,” says designer Agnieszka. The interiors under the Better Home umbrella show that they focus on a neutral base and unusual accents in accessories.

“We strive to create timeless interiors that will stay with our clients for years to come and won’t require changes with new fashions. I would liken it to timeless clothing. A basic wardrobe in white, black or grey will always be in fashion – we can liven up the overall outfit with accessories and change it at any time,” explains Karolina, whose passion is the use mof natural materials and green plants.

 She always finds inspiration and a creative muse when travelling. Opening the mind is a desirable process that an artist simply cannot do without.

 “If you ask about the current demands of clients, the recent trend is to implement a home office. At a time when most companies are introducing home offices, the importance of a comfortable workplace that is not cowering in the corner of the bedroom is growing,” adds Agnieszka.

Inspiration with Technistone®

“This is a 52 m2 apartment in a pre-war apartment building. We had the opportunity to showcase the original brickwork and take advantage of the extra height of the ceilings. The apartment has undergone a major transformation, including modifications to most of the walls. The owners were refurbishing the flat for rental purposes but required to incorporate an office space with daylight access. A prerequisite for the whole investment was the use of high quality materials – so we decided to use Technistone® materials in the beautifully bright kitchen and bathroom. The engineered stone countertop will also be perfect for tenants who won’t be focused on regular interior maintenance. ‘’The client wanted to incorporate materials that would last for years and not require regular renovation,” says Jędrzej, describing the remodel.

The Better Home Design Studio collaborated with custom furniture manufacturer Meble Wnetrza on the project. They matched the kitchen and bathroom countertops with the grey tone of Technistone® material.

Technistone® material is very popular throughout Poland. In terms of ease of maintenance and quality, clients increasingly prefer it to other alternatives. The design studio tastefully brightened up the matt black kitchen in combination with a wooden veneer by installing Technistone® hardened stone in Crystal Polar White.