Catch the Wave of Blue Kitchens

When decorating a kitchen, we often fall back on the proven classic colors: white, gray, black, and wood tones. Few of us have the courage to try some more imaginative combinations. The colors of a kitchen can reflect and highlight the individuality of a space and its owner.

How Many Shades of Blue?

Royal blue, navy blue, turquoise, pastel baby blue, azure, dove blue, cornflower, cobalt . . . we can go on forever. While we don’t find blue in prehistoric and ancient paintings, by the time of romanticism it had become the world’s favorite color and still is today. Why not bring that color into the kitchen?

Every shade of blue makes a different impression. Thanks to that we can create different atmospheres in the home: dark blue with a satin finish adds a touch of elegance, azure brings with it the feel of a summer vacation by the sea, and pastel blue helps to lighten up a space. We shouldn’t fear combining more than one shade of blue! In any event, when choosing a color for your interior space you should be guided by your own personality, so you feel at home there.

Blue tones are best suited to kitchens with a classic or rustic style. They look very good on deeply profiled cabinet doors. Be cautious, however, about a very bright blue color with a high gloss finish, which may remind you of a swimming pool.

Which Way Now?

The color blue can be used in a kitchen in various ways. The most striking of them is blue kitchen appliances. It may seem like they would fit only into the most extravagant of decors, but they can complement traditional interiors that have a country feel. If you do not trust your own taste when choosing a daring color, seek the advice of a professional designer. Many of them are good at adapting unusual color combinations. For example, the Polish designer Natalia Mielczarek-Prym likes to use pink in her interior spaces.

If you fear that an unusual color on a large surface will call too much attention to itself, try it on a single distinctive object. A blue island in the kitchen or a blue entry door could be the proverbial cherry on top that gives your kitchen real style.  

In a kitchen, blue doesn’t have to be just for furniture; it can be attractive on a wall as well. One big trend is patterned tiles in a vintage style and shades of blue-gray. You can even paint the walls blue — kitchen cabinets in white or gray look great against them.

If you want to add a touch of blue color to an interior, consider blue accessories. Blue porcelain in a traditional onion pattern or more modern handcrafted cups and plates are lovely, as are blue textiles. You can put blue-upholstered chairs around the dining table. Blue armchairs have been popular for quite some time now.

What Colors Complement Blue?

Blue colors are most attractive in classic color combinations — with white or gray, or with wood-grain patterns. They also look great with woven or rattan items. If you are not afraid of a little extravagance, go for gold touches, like faucets and kitchen cabinet pulls. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in and love your own home.

Unusual countertop styles also go well in a blue kitchen. Don’t fear a luxurious bit of sparkle or a bold surface pattern. Stainless steel countertops will work too, but they certainly can’t beat the look of engineered stone. From the TechniStone® portfolio we recommend Crystal Diamond or Starlight White. For a bolder combination, the eye-catching texture of Taurus Terazzo White or our brand-new color Noble Quartzite work beautifully.

Accessories in a blue color bring a breath of fresh air into an interior. (Markéta Killi, Urban Interior; Technistone® Noble Ivory White)
(TechniStone® Noble Areti Bianco, Meble Wnetrza)
(Noble Supreme White, TechniStone®)