Chiaro & Oscuro: Italian flair based in Belgrade

Milica Pavlovic and Luka Bogdanovic are Serbian designers who despite their young age, have an admirable number of completed projects to their credit. They work on private apartments as well as public projects and their work mainly reflects the specific needs of particular clients.

In 2018, they founded the Chiaro & Oscuro studio together, whose name refers to the Italian word “chiaroscuro”, which translates as “chiaroscuro/ twilight “. This painting technique, which emphasizes the play of light and shadow to create a sculptural appearance of figures, was used as early as the 15th and 16th centuries by masters such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Milica and Luka add: “We see interior design as a visual expression first and foremost, and since everything in our world can be defined as an interplay of light and shadow, we wanted to express this through our deepest identity and our brand name.”
Before starting their own studio, Milica and Luka gained experience in other industries. Luka is an industrial designer, but above all a visionary and an artist who balances on the edge between provocation and contemporary trends.
Milica has worked in furniture production. Today she uses this experience when working for clients for whom she can design customized furniture. Besides furniture, her specialty is the integration of traditional culture into modern design. The subtle combination of traditional elements with modern materials and new trends creates a cozy home environment for the contemporary person.

Customer first

Focusing on individual needs is both the studio’s mission and personal brand. When designing private interiors as well as public projects, they focus primarily on specific clients and their requirements. “We are sensitive to their personalities so that we can create a tailor-made space for them. We approach restaurants and other public projects in the same way, but instead of the individual, the brand comes into play.”
What both designers love most about their work is the moment when their designs become reality.
And what are the interiors that Milica and Luka design? Besides the emphasis on the client’s personality, other hallmarks include wood and stone, which appear in every interior they design. “The materials we use are durable and easy to maintain.”
Engineered stone in particular is becoming increasingly popular in Serbia for its durability, resilience and ease of maintenance. “In every project we do, we recommend it to our clients for kitchen worktops and also dining tables, because it has better properties than natural marble.” Both the designers and their clients are always looking forward to new shades that will further expand the possibilities for unconventional combinations.

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