Christmas 2022: Tips for Your Interior

Our cities are finally dressing up in their Christmas finery and lights are brightening the streets to signal the arrival of the holiday season. Markets are bustling, the scent of hot mulled wine is in the air, and the smell of baking cookies is wafting from kitchens all over the country. All the same, we couldn’t truly enjoy the holiday peace and quiet if we didn’t incorporate its spirit into our interior décor. Every year brings new trends in Christmas decorations, but there are some holiday stalwarts whose beauty is timeless. Want to know what colour combinations and decorations are in this year and what will conjure up the right festive atmosphere in your home? We’ve got some Christmas decorating tips, some traditional and others unconventional, to help you fine-tune the Christmas atmosphere in your home to perfection!

Beauty, Step by Step

Some people say that fortune favours those who are prepared, but in this case, it’s not luck, it’s finding a design that pleases more than just your eye. Before you start spending money on all sorts of decorations, ornaments, plates, trays, and potted plants, you should think about three important things that won’t take you too much time. 

The rules of Christmas decorating are:

  1. Define the place you want to decorate. 

  2. Choose a colour or colour combination that will suit just about everything. 

  3. Choose a style that will make you happy.

Think about what you want to decorate and what you want your decorations to do. That will keep you from ending up with a bag full of stuff that you don’t have anywhere to put. Keep in mind that not every style is suited to every trend, and not every trend will carry forward your idea of a beautiful Christmas. That’s just the way it is and that’s perfectly fine. The most important thing is how you feel. Choose the style that’s you and stick to it. The same goes for colours and colour combinations. There is a simple strength in a unified style and colour.

The Timeless Combination of Red and Green

If you are a lover of traditional Christmas decorations, this timeless combination is the one for you. Moreover, did you know that its symbolism has its roots in Christianity: green for life and red for the blood of Christ? Perhaps that’s why these two colours are so perfectly balanced and harmonious. In the case of green, dark, earthy tones are modern, and as for red, you won’t go wrong with a classically bright or deep shade. Red and green are very often accompanied by gold, silver, and black accents and natural decorations such as fruit, tree bark, and pinecones. Nor can we forget about classic Christmas decorations in the form of elves, Santa Clauses, nativity scenes, gift-wrapped presents, and more. 

Capture the Magic of the Northern Lights in Metallic Colours

Metallic colours are all the rage, and not just when it comes to Christmas decorations. Interior design fell under the spell of metallic colours in 2021, and they are continuing to shimmer in 2022. The most classic colours are of course gold and silver, which combine beautifully with other materials and decorations. However, rose gold and shades of copper are becoming very popular as well. Metallic colours are suitable for modern, minimalist interiors where white, dark grey, or black predominate. A combination of gold and black will look sophisticated, elegant, and not a little extravagant. A combination of gold and white, on the other hand, gives a soft, traditional, and innocent impression.      

Nature in Colours and Decorations

Sustainability, recycling, and harmony with nature are themes that are also influencing Christmas decorations and ornaments. Pinecones, red and green holly, bark, moss, citrus fruits, conifer branches, mistletoe, and amaryllis — natural materials like that can help you to create a beautiful atmosphere for the upcoming holidays. They will provide you with beautiful decorations that you can use for years before they ever begin to lose their beauty. Some of them you can make yourself, and even involve the little ones in the process.      

Garlands and Wreaths Decorated with Citrus

Three words — affordable, simple, beautiful. Create a decoration by yourself or in the company of your children that looks and smells beautiful. Cut citrus fruits into slices and leave them out to dry. Not only can you decorate Christmas wreaths and moss paintings with the rounds, you can string them together and make chains of any length that look beautiful when combined with green branches, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks. 

Pinecones, Tree Bark, and Bits of Wood

Head into the woods and collect pinecones and bark to decorate your home’s interior. Planters that look like little gardens are very popular this year. Add some moss, a few pinecones, and a twinkling light, and you have a beautiful, eco-friendly decoration for your home. If you are a bit more skilful and want to make a wreath out of pinecones or woven wicker, you can definitely make a big splash with them. 

An Alternative Christmas Tree 

One alternative to the classic Christmas tree, whether live or artificial, is a ‘wall tree’. Wall trees have become popular because they take up no space in your room at all. They are especially appreciated by owners of four-legged friends and the parents of small children. A tree can be put up on a wall in various ways. You can buy lights that outline the shape of a tree and then mount shelves within them to hold gifts. You can glue different materials on the wall, including some that look like a real tree. There are a lot of ways to do it! 😊 

A White Christmas Even Without Snow

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, but you’ve been waiting for it for a year already? Don’t despair. Snowy trees of all sizes covered in artificial snowflakes are a special hit for 2022. They’ll help you get into the winter spirit, even when the temperature outside your window is above freezing and there’s no sign of snow. What more could you ask for than a snow-frosted Christmas tree that you can decorate sparingly or really go to town on. Add fluffy white cushions, a soft white bedspread, and snowflake-shaped decorations and you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale. 😊