Country style magic everywhere

Country style can be conjured up almost everywhere. It is of little relevance whether you live in a block of flats or a new build; you can always bring a piece of pastoral serenity into your home. Architects also like it for its unobtrusive appearance, whose charm is based on color and material simplicity. Let us together explore the possibilities with an example of how a family house project was reconstructed from the so-called modern farmhouse style in a modern, functional and imaginative way.

The country style is practical. It offers sophisticated solutions, surrounds us with things that are valuable and authentic in their origin. In addition, the modern farmhouse style is dominated by smooth lines, matte accessories and neutral color schemes that have a unifying effect. It is less rustic and uses modern design elements such as stainless steel appliances, stone slabs and industrial lighting.

The basis of the interior is the maximum use of wood. In this case, two shades of oak veneer dominate playfully complemented with menthol-colored elements. The interior resonates with many other interesting details, such a metal cabinet in the hall and a cast concrete floor, which adds a bit of industrial seriousness to the light country style. The Technistone® worktop stands out in a non-traditional open plan kitchen.



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Fullhouse Architecture is a group of young people from Bratislava, who are among the enthusiasts of experimenting with new styles and materials. With their professional designs, they compete favorably with world-renowned studios. In their portfolio they have realized a reasonable number of private and commercial projects. Their services also include building design solutions. “Our proposals are therefore not only aesthetically adapted to the specific requirements of the investor, but compulsorily practical and ideally timeless with lasting added value,” says the co-founder of the studio Michal Paulišin.