Create a Unique and Stylish Home for Yourself with Inspiration from Designer Theresa Gromski

Theresa Gromski is a successful British illustrator, content creator, and stylist who loves interior design and DIY projects done for a reasonable price. You can quickly and easily find inspiration for your project at her blog, which features various makeovers and lots of sophisticated tutorials with input from Theresa’s husband and handyman-king, Tom. The couple have furnished their lovely Bournville, UK home entirely by themselves in a bohemian style with vintage accessories. They used professionals only for installation of their kitchen countertop, which is made from TechniStone® engineered stone. The stone fabricator Natural Stone Surfaces did the excellent, flawless installation work on that.    

A Beautiful Home Is Not All About Money

Theresa is thorough and practical, and that is how she approaches her projects. Careful planning is fundamental for her. ‘I start every interior design project by asking myself, what is the room to be used for? Then it is important to determine whom the room is for and what it should ‘know how to do’. Then I decide on the look I want and a style that will match it. I make moodboards for myself on Pinterest to sort out my ideas.’ However, Theresa admits that she most often bases  her creations on rustic, natural, boho, and sustainable designs. 

Sustainability is Fundamental   

Together with recycling and upcycling, sustainability is at the heart of Theresa’s designs, which have won her thousands of enthusiasts in the UK and beyond. Theresa believes that creating a stylish, beautiful, and personalized home is not just a question of money. You can redecorate or remodel a home and make it into something unique and interesting without going bankrupt. The main idea is to be as sustainable as possible, reuse items, and upcycle. ‘I love working with vintage things and reusing or repurposing old pieces of furniture. I love it when I can be creative. I want to make interiors that are personal, unique, and that don’t look just like a hundred others.’ 

Recycling, Upcycling, and the Elegant Charm of Vintage Accessories

It comes naturally to Theresa to be enthusiastic about vintage accessories and furniture. She often buys vintage furniture just so she can work on it herself. Together with her husband, she’s made a lot of the furniture in her own, and it’s no wonder — both of them are DIY enthusiasts and together they are really good at it. Theresa says she is always learning new things. She firmly believes that the future of interior design lies in sustainability. She is happy with current trends that rely on sustainable and recycled materials. ‘These days, recycled wood, bamboo, natural wool, cork, and jute are among the trendiest materials’, Theresa advises. 

The Long Useful Life and Durability of Engineered Stone        

Theresa and her husband chose a Technistone® engineered stone countertop for their kitchen. They had several reasons for that, one of which was the durability of the material. ‘I chose Technistone not only because they offer an amazing range of materials with beautiful designs, but also because I love how durable and low-maintenance engineered stone is. TechniStone countertops are very practical because they are non-porous and scratch-resistant, which is ideal for a family kitchen where a lot of cooking is done.’ We would only add that Theresa has two children and cooking is one of her hobbies, and that she chose to use Technistone’s Noble Pro Frost design with its subtle veining. A special feature of Theresa’s designer kitchen is its open shelving made of solid wood and exposed metal hardware, which takes the place of the usual kitchen cabinets. She only had to buy a duster to easily keep them clean. There’s simply no denying that Theresa has a real sense of style.  

Hygge for a Happy Home

According to Theresa, the most important thing is feeling comfortable and happy in her home. That’s the idea behind the Danish style of hygge, which has been described as nothing less than a recipe for happiness. Hygge goes beyond interior design and has become a key element of Theresa’s philosophy of life. ‘I was familiar with the style, which stresses comfort and relaxed living, long before it became popular. I love to create cosy, comfortable sanctuaries for myself and my family: subdued lighting, candles, layered textiles, fluffy throws, and soft rugs. Creating a calming atmosphere and true warmth in the home is everything.”


source: Theresa Gromski