Design; the relationship between feeling and space

Perhaps you are embarking on furnishing or renovating your home and you are stuck entangled in the intricate web of volatile trending styles. At this point you definitely need the services of a professional interior designer. Such a professional will find his way out and guide you through the interior design like a gallery, in which only pleasing original paintings hang. A true professional will advise you on how to create an interior that will make you feel good, but will not advise you to apply things you would later regret. The interior will not have the appearance of a catalog pattern or an exhibition of the latest trends, but will become a reflection of yourself without the risk of possible failures and straying away from your objectives.

Cozy simplicity

Slovak designer Zuzana Fašungová opened her own studio immediately after college in order to create interesting, modern living concepts with an emphasis on the feeling of coziness.


“A cozy home for everyone”


This is the main motto of the Teska studio, which is also reflected in this private interior from the workshop of a young designer.


White kitchen, lights and bar stools, black floor Bathroom with white sink and white box, shower without bath


The words home and cozy are inextricably linked with warmth and you don’t have to give them up even when you’re trying to look minimalist and clean.

This project once again confirmed how important it is to listen to the client’s requirements and wishes. On the one hand, there was a desire for so-called “pure design” and on the other; there was an effort to create a warm feeling of home. I think we did it perfectly. We switched from the original emerald green kitchen to white-gray, „says Zuzana about the interior design process.


White kitchen countertop with edge


“Maybe somewhere in the beginning there was the fear of a white worktop, but it turned out to be unnecessary. Technistone® was the right choice. It is durable, very soft to the touch and aesthetically attractive, “ adds Zuzana.

The white kitchen is simply an ageless evergreen that illuminates the room, while not conflicting with other parts of the interior. With the right choice of materials, you definitely don’t have to compromise between design and practicability which are important elements of functionality. The job of a designer is to always look for solutions that satisfy the client, but do not take their toll in terms of quality and functionality:

“The kitchen must above all be practical, of course also aesthetically interesting, but functionality always wins for me. It also sometimes happens that I have to get up and leave the computer during the design process when the client requires full sci-fi, but the situation always settles down and both parties are satisfied with the result” 


Good technologies make the complex easy

Sometimes even a designer gets into interesting situations that are not anticipated. Technologies are constantly evolving and design is directly absorbed by them. It is necessary not to fall asleep and to be constantly in the picture in the area of ​​new trends and technical tweaks. “I love the telescopic hood from Gaggenau. I find it very practical and trendy even though we have never used them. They appear like the ceiling that covers the hob.


Bowl with vegetables on the kitchen board


As regards the kitchen, however, Zuzana is an advocate of the classics and therefore a big fan of gas hobs and fresh herbs Kitchen. ‘’A place where you actually cook could be scented’’ she adds.



Zuzana Fašungová

Zuzana Fašungová is the founder of the studio Teska and a professional interior designer with the showroom in Bratislava Elite Bath Kitchen.  She went from a purely project based background through interior design to the construction of a family house, all by the age of 31.