Do you need to change the facade? Get inspired with the minimalism of modern architecture and new materials from the Exterior collection

We want honest, high quality and true homes. That is why we want to surround ourselves with sustainable materials that will bring home harmony. Earthly, natural and neutral tones. Build your home to reflect your personality and the facade reflecting the surrounding nature. Want your home to be unique and original? Even from the outside? The facade of the house will say more about you and your home than you think!

Source: Hudson Homes

Today’s façades are not just painting the wall. It’s a design game that will also determine how your house will look inside. A great choice can also be a combination of different materials. Beautiful quartz in a combination of concrete or wood. For example, quartz can be found on each of the photos in the article. Sometimes it is more prominent, somewhat less. But in all cases the material plays important role on the facade. It creates the character of the house that everyone who walks around or looks at will see you. And the facade of quartz stone also protects the house.

Source: Technistone, shade Exterior Beige, Privat residence in Brazil

The facade is a mirror that reflects the style of its owner, defining the design and atmosphere of the whole house. Its importance leads us to a consistent search for the most beautiful designs and functional materials for its high-quality fabrication. Each of us, it is likely to encounter a situation to deal with the construction or the reconstruction of the house only once in a lifetime. For designers and architects, designing commercial buildings, projects, or job specifications can be a day-to-day activity. Whether the project is of a private or commercial nature, the quality of the material for its equipment will be one of the most important selection criteria. An important part is undoubtedly a facade that should be highly durable, easy to maintain, modern and technologically feasible.


Technistone brings three unique products from the Technistone® Exterior: Exterior White, Exterior Light Gray and Exterior Beige, which can be used in a polished or matt finish for facade panels and tiles. Technistone® Czech material offers this outdoor quartz application option as the only one on the world market! Enjoy luxury in the form of a unique solution for your external space. Materials in shades of white, light gray and beige with visible quartz particles create an unconventional and very robust house that resists the effects of weather and other external factors. A hard, non-porous and non-absorbent surface resistant to mechanical, thermal and chemical damage will fulfill your expectations of the functional facade of your home. Laboratory tests and end-to-end quality tests prove the durability and reliability of the material.


Product features Technistone® Exterior:

  • long-lasting resistance to UV, frost and weather
  • fire classification: reaction class A2-s1, d0
  • excellent strength of large formats in small thicknesses
  • easy maintenance and cleaning (graffiti, dust, dirt)
  • more than 90% of natural ingredients
  • an alternative to natural stone tiles
  • gloss and matt finish

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