Dominika Pokludova: “I made a home out of a guy’s flat”

A girl with tremendous energy and appetite, a performer in her offline life and an influencer and blogger. This is Dominika Pokludová. In addition to her travel experiences, she shares her favorite dishes which she is now preparing on her Technistone® Noble Arco counter with her followers. Come take a peek into her “creative lair”.

Dominika has been living with her boyfriend in Prague for more than 3 years in her own apartment on Letná . The 2 room annex on the 5th floor is sufficiently illuminated with skylights. “Until I moved in, I didn’t believe people who said that it was very hot in rooftop apartments. And it really is,” Dominika says with a laugh.

 They decided to renovate the apartment in 2020, starting with air conditioning and finishing with a new Technistone® countertop, the kitchen which was the last part of remodeling.

The entire kitchen, including sanding and painting of the floors, installation and countertop production, was completed in less than a month.

What advice would Dominika give to anyone who has yet to purchase a new kitchen?

 “Definitely think about lots of storage space! Our apartment is big enough, but unfortunately we don’t have a utility room, pantry or basement, so we’re stuffing storage everywhere we can. The original kitchen in the flat was the same length in meters, but with poorly designed small cupboards, we could barely fit all the crockery in it,” she explains.

Not only does she love the new kitchen’s extra space and stone worktop, which she says “you can’t see anything”, but she also loves the self-opening dishwasher and eye-level oven.

 “It quite often happens that I burn something. This way, I can see the food more than if the oven was near the floor,” she adds.

Dominika designed her kitchen herself with only the help of an Ikea planner.

What is Dominika’s recipe for the perfect home? “ Love it all the way. What I appreciate most about it is the journey it has taken with us. It used to be an uninviting  man cave, but now it’s a home we love to spend time in. I’m most pleased when my boyfriend walks through the apartment, sighs, and declares  how he  loves living here with me. So hopefully he’ll be just as happy when we get new dining chairs that he doesn’t know about yet,” she confides.

Dominika feels happy in her apartment, perhaps because she often goes away from home, making it more precious for her. She recently returned from a trip through Europe that lasted several months.

“Even after years of blogging and sharing my private life on social media, I wouldn’t change a thing. The experience is irreplaceable. It’s where I  have found my best friends , a great job that I do with love from my heart, and most importantly, myself. I had and have time to do the things I love. That includes photographing families, couples and weddings. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was in elementary school and it really worked out in the end. I can be proud of myself now that I was able to say no to the things that were expected of me and go for it.”

And when Dominika isn’t blogging, she and her boyfriend cook up her favorite fresh pasta with tomato-cream sauce and burrata !