Eccentricity school for beginners

Eccentricity does not mean a flight sprouted from relentless boredom. It is a gift, an art to create something extra, do the unusual. What others seem to have abandoned.  Unusual ideas begin where the journey of the ordinary and the normal ends. It is a path that you have to tread on your own and it is exactly what you make of it. There is no alternative. Remember that the deepest thing on earth is the human mind. 

Everyone should find the courage to deviate from the line once, from the routine of what is typical for him, and to experience the “chill of rebelliousness“ or non-conformity. You don’t have to go bungee jumping right away, or buy flashy jackets with shoulder pads. You can indulge in a bit of extravagance in your home, either for your hidden pleasure or for the admiration of everyone!


Gold, jewelry and precious stones

Let your household shine a little. It is not necessary to encrust your toilet seat with diamonds like Jennifer Lopez. Even your hardware, faucets or sink can do with a bit of glam and bling. The pleasing design of copper and brass is chic as not everyone has it, and natural wood or stone materials create a tasteful contrast to it.


Private apartment (Technistone®, Taurus Terazzo Black)


Showroom Euro Concept (Noble Athos Brown)


Just like Picasso,

In his life Picasso was perceived as a below-average painter and a weirdo. Today, there are queues for his paintings. Art and design are like good wine, they mature over time. An image or accessory that seems a bit over the top can eventually become your No. 1 fav. Few people fall in love at ‘first glance ‘with huge or colorful images that even hurt your eyes because you can’t stop looking at them. But they will give your home a distinctive character. The courage of their author permeates the interior and the charge of individuality will make you at first misunderstood, but over time a recognized and admired art collector.



Private apartment (Technistone®, Noble Imperial Gray)


Private apartment (Technistone®, Crystal Calacatta Silva)


And the green one is whacky

Throw it back at all „haters” and opponents of color. An old chair, table or couch can regain its long lost glory with the help of a brush and paint or a new throw. It doesn’t have to be scorching hot summer for colors to fit into the apartment, even in the middle of winter, your room can be a blossoming jungle of colors and joy creating a sort of warmth. The Design Friendly studio, for example, deals with the refurbishment of old pieces. They give old wing chairs that almost ended up in a dump as completely worthless pieces a completely new lease on life.


Not the run of the mill. Diversity brings joy. (Design Friendly Cup & Hub)


Private apartment (Technistone®, Gobi Black)


Extravagance is not fad or affectation

It’s a kind of self-expression. Eccentric pieces are certainly not for everyone, but whoever has tried to live in an atypical house or apartment will tell you that it quickly become the norm for him and they would not change. However, it is important that the extravagant elements do not complicate or restrain you due to their impracticality, but on the contrary lift your mood. Their main purpose is not to show off, but to bring joy. Remember most genia of today were considered eccentric yesterday.