Engineered Stone in Modern Interiors

Engineered stone is becoming increasingly popular, not only among interior designers and residential architects, but also among the general public. Thanks to its combination of unique designs and its excellent utility, it is now one of the most-used materials in contemporary interiors. The designs of our quartzite stone slabs are inspired by the endless variety of natural stone. The properties of natural stone are so enhanced in engineered stone that the new material has become an indispensable element of any home or commercial space.  

Why Choose Engineered Stone for a Modern Interior?  

Before we introduce you to the many uses of engineered stone in today’s interiors, let’s take a look at why it’s the ideal material for use in all interior spaces. There are several reasons to prefer engineered stone over other materials. If you’re just now considering it, read on to find out about the undeniable benefits it can bring you. We’re convinced you’ll love it too! 


One characteristic feature of engineered stone is the hardness and strength that comes from its composition. It can withstand up to three times stronger impacts than ceramics and natural stone, making it the ideal choice for modern interiors, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. 


The durability of the engineered stone surface and its resistance to mechanical damage and other external influences guarantee low wear and tear over time, even in everyday use. 

Zero Porosity 

One of the great advantages engineered stone has over marble and other natural stone is that it is non-porous. The smooth surface that is formed by the resin it contains prevents the build-up of dirt and bacteria. 

Easy Maintenance

The non-porous surface of engineered stone allows for easy, effortless cleaning. There’s no need to impregnate or otherwise treat it. Just wash the countertop with a gentle cleaner or lukewarm water with a little dish detergent. For example, try eco-friendly Orange Cleaner, which leaves behind the pleasant smell of oranges and herbs.

Timeless Design and Long Service Life

Compared to natural stone, engineered stone undoubtedly offers many more color options. In addition, an engineered stone interior will maintain its beauty and last for decades. There’ll be no need to redo a kitchen, bathroom, or designer fireplace after three or five years.

A White Kitchen in a Modern Interior

Engineered stone worktops are widely used in modern kitchens thanks not only to their excellent utility, but also to their unique looks that will never fade. White kitchens have been trendy for several years now and it will be no different in 2023.

Gloss white surfaces are popular because they optically enlarge and brighten a space so that it looks clean and optimistic. You can try Technistone’s Crystal Absolute White or Noble Supreme White designs. A romantic vintage style is very much in favor now, and our new Noble Vintage design suits it perfectly.

You will find lots of ideas for dressing up a modern kitchen in a white coat in our articles on white kitchens and Scandinavian-style kitchens

Veining as a Unique Addition to a Modern White Interior  

Although solid white always was, still is, and certainly will continue to be trendy, in modern interiors it is gradually being rivalled by white designs with veining. The veins in these designs can be subtle, a bit thicker, or very prominent, and they will add uniqueness and style to a kitchen worktop. You shouldn’t hesitate to use them as wall covering in halls, bathrooms, or living rooms either.

One of our most striking designs is Crystal Calacatta Silva, which stands out when used on a kitchen worktop, to create an island, or to surround a fireplace. Mystery White and our brand-new design Pearl Alba offer finer veining. Pearl Alba combines beautifully with similar designs in inverted colors from the Serenity Collection.  


Source: Crystal Calacatta Silva, Sefried, Německo

Black Countertops with Unique Elements Enliven Every Modern Interior

Irregular white veins break up the uniformity of inky black backgrounds and create decors you can’t help but admire. 

The contrasting play of black stone and marble-white veins is what creates the magic of Poetic Black. Most often used in modern interiors for kitchen worktops and backsplashes, Poetic Black also looks great covering a large-scale wall or made into a dining table. It is only available in a matt finish. 

A Modern Interior in Contrasting Black and White

Do you love the many marbled designs of engineered stone? Are you trying to decide between a white or a black countertop, but you don’t know which one to go for? We have the perfect solution — a combination of two designs from the Serenity Collection is exactly what you’re looking for. 

The contrast of black and white is a modern, timeless, and balanced look. Try combining, for example, dark volcanic Pearl Lava and its celestial counterpart, Pearl Alba. The result will delight you! 


Source: Pearl Lava, Pearl Alba, Gobi Black, private residence, kitchen (visualization).

The Look of Fine-grained Concrete in a Modern Interior 

If you are an admirer of the industrial style and modern, concrete-grey surfaces, we have great news for you. Grey designer surfaces with the texture of fine-grained concrete are all the rage this year and they do look classy, especially in combination with white in a kitchen or a bathroom.

A bathroom clad in Noble Concrete Grey will make a luxurious impression. If you add in natural wood and white accessories, your bathroom will be transformed into a temple of relaxation.

Source: Noble Concrete Grey, private residence, Copenhagen.

The Warmth of a Modern Interior

The common denominator of style in recent years is harmony with nature. We’re returning to interiors that soothe the soul and create a homey warmth. Even otherwise cold colors can be made to appear warmer.  

One example of that is the new Noble Portland Grey, whose grey background has tiny brown veins. It’s ideal for surrounding a fireplace or as a kitchen counter in a minimalist, modern interior, where it will exude warmth and positive energy. 

A Modern Interior with an Attractive Trio 

The contrasting colors of black and white will always be beautiful in themselves. But they are just as attractive and sophisticated, and a little more imaginative, if you add grey to the mix. Your room won’t be so dark if you choose a light shade of grey and allow white to predominate. 

The darker grey tone of Technistone’s Crystal Anthracite Pure in combination with Gobi Black or Taurus Black and any shade of white works great too. 

The Elegant Charm of an Interior in Dark Colors 

Black is an elegant and luxurious color. However, when choosing dark-colored wall coverings, you need to take care and ensure that the room won’t make you feel cramped. However, if you do have a lot of space, then look at how sophisticated and beautiful the combination of black engineered stone and other dark materials can be. This combination is something you must have in your modern interior!  

You can choose Gobi Black or Taurus Terazzo Dark for your kitchen countertop, and combine it with dark wooden trim or something different, like glittering Starlight Black engineered stone.      

Viva Magenta and Engineered Stone Harmonize in a Modern Interior 

A vigorous, reddish purple with a mysterious air. That’s one way you can describe 2023’s color of the year, which was recently announced by the Pantone company. Viva Magenta is a beautiful, optimistic, lively color that manages to be elegant as well. How does using magenta in an interior strike you? 

Viva Magenta combines well with grey, so a good choice to go with it would be TechniStone® in Noble Concrete Grey, perhaps to cover the walls of a living room or hall. Magenta is also complemented very well by our airy, white-and-grey design Ambiente Light.   

Have you fallen under the spell of the eternal beauty of engineered stone? Take away some inspiration from our gallery or visit Technistone’s web pages, where you can browse through the many different faces of our engineered stone products!