Everything Starts with a Dream, Says This Successful Designer from Latvia

Rūta Klišāne, an interior designer and the founder of the KRINTERIOR design studio, is young, beautiful and talented. In this interview with us, she talks not only about the projects in which she has used TechniStone® material, but also about self-confidence, her start in the design world, and her education. 

Designing Rooms and Buildings Instead of Counting Sheep

Rūta’s path into the world of residential design was not an easy one. Nevertheless, she knew what she wanted to do with her life from the time she was a child. She definitely did not lack for imagination and fantasy. “Everything starts with a dream, and I am no exception. Even as a child, when I couldn’t sleep, I used to imagine remodeling and designing rooms and buildings instead of counting sheep. I would give them a new and different look. I could finally fall asleep I had everything thought out to the smallest detail. The interior, the exterior, even the landscaping around.” She didn’t hesitate for a second when her parents asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up. ‘I’m going to build houses!”

Debunking the Myths About Drawing and Design 

Rūta admits that she once lost her self-confidence and it took a while to get it back. She thought at the time that every designer had to know how to draw perfectly well, which she now says isn’t entirely true. “The idea that every designer has to be able to draw is a myth. Very often I encounter that, young girls ask me on Instagram about a design career and how to achieve it. And many of them are worried about the same thing I used to worry about – drawing. Then I calm them down. You can always learn something new, and I am proof of that, because I wasn’t all that good at drawing. But still, my drawings have been displayed in exhibitions. It’s never too late to start something new. Don’t limit yourself, life is too short. There is also another very common myth that parents tell them – that you can’t make money with interior design. Here I can say only one thing in this regard, there is no formula to become rich and successful. The main thing in life is to do what brings you joy and prosperity will certainly not disappear anywhere!” 

Schüco as a Stepping Stone

After graduation from secondary school, Rūta worked for Schüco, a company that sells innovative systems for windows, doors, and facades. She says that she uses its products in all her projects. After that experience, she decided to start studying interior design. “When I look back on it, studying interior design was the right move, but it was also kind of a very spontaneous decision. I don’t regret it because I have to say it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Now I’m helping people improve the environments in which they live.” 

A Visionary, Who Sees and Feels What Others Can’t

It is said that a designer is like a visionary. Rūta agrees with that totally. “I can’t exactly explain it, but starting work on each new project, at the first meeting with clients, it’s an instant connection with the space and clients. Then it’s just a question of finding the right materials and furnishings,” says the talented designer about her work. 

Natural Interiors in the Leading Role 

What are Rūta’s favorite materials? “I love using quality natural materials in my interiors. I never use laminated floors or anything else that isn’t natural. There’s no kind of laminate that can replace the look, feel and quality of natural parquet flooring. That also goes for engineered stone from Technistone, which looks entirely different in the kitchen from laminate and is much more durable as well. Definitely stone is one of my favorite materials.” 

Engineered Stone in an Interior

Rūta uses stone in every other project, because she loves it so much. She says that if the clients would allow, she would use it in every one of them. It was no different with her last project, for which she specified engineered stone from Technistone. “The client wanted a very light apartment in shades of white. I knew instantly that the look of marble and natural oak flooring would dominate. TechniStone® was the obvious choice from the moment I saw the designs it offers. I used Crystal Calacatta Silva in the bathroom for a custom-designed washbasin, for the countertop in the kitchen and a frame around the perimeter, and I use it for windowsill surfaces in the whole apartment.’’

The Golden Mean in Design Trends

In the world of interior design, is it is necessary to follow every global trend? Rūta believes that people should be careful about trendy things. “You have to choose carefully between the things that will last and those that have a rapid rise, but also fall. I try to design interiors to be cozy, warm and natural interiors. Something that will last. That will serve its owners well for a long time and won’t bore them eventually. When a person feels good in an interior, the trends don’t matter so much.”