Home made cleaning products

The Christmas cleaning time is coming. If you have a toddler, you will definitely appreciate a natural less aggressive formula on the floor over a harsh chemical. You can make products yourself from the ingredients you find at home. You will help the environment, as well as your wallet. In addition you can save the quality of the materials and extend its life.

Universal Environmental Cleaner (including Technistone®)

A natural and inexpensive cleaner that will become your helper for everyday cleaning. Vinegar has disinfecting effects, removes mold and odor and dirt, grease and sediment. You will need 100 ml of vinegar, 300 ml of water, 15 to 20 drops of tea tree oil and a few drops of essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well and pour into the spray bottle. For a pleasant scent, add a few drops of essential oil (we have blended an orange flavor).

Source: Technistone

Bio cleanser for cutting boards

Do you need to remove dirt and odor from the kitchen cutting board? We have great advice for you – let the lemon to do the job. It has weak bleaching properties and easily removes odor and stains. Sprinkle the salt on the kitchen cutting board and rub half a lemon. Rinse and you’re done.

Source: WestWing.cz

DIY cleaner for ceramic, stainless steel surfaces

If you want to clean in a more environmentally friendly way expand the trend to your bathtub, washbasin, sink or oven, and call for edible soda. Mix it with a small amount of vinegar to make a thick paste, apply on a sponge and clean. The mixture of soda and vinegar has proven to be excellent in cleaning drains. How to do it? Dispense approximately ½ cup of edible soda into the waste and pour ½ cup of vinegar. Allow 20 – 30 minutes to work and then rinse with boiling water.

Source: Technistone