How does the bachelor actually live?

Many people might imagine the life of a bachelor as a disordered array where everything is possible, from worn out furniture to an epic mess. But that is no longer the case. Men’s stylish interiors surpass the classic ones in many ways. So what shouldn’t be missing from Mr. Right’s interior?


Minimalist, but not boring

In the past, architects and designers mainly dealt with the layout of houses and apartments, but the times have changed considerably. So-called, single housing is becoming more and more popular today. An economically self-sufficient modern man, of course, demands a completely different interior than a typical family of four. The interiors are minimalist, purposeful and fully functional. Forget typically women’s decorations, such as scented candles and sticks, color-matched throw pillows with carpet or the ever present fresh flowers. Typically men’s interiors are in neutral colors – black, white, brown, but also dark blue or kerosene!

The single lifestyle also manifests itself in the way of living.


Stone and metal

Minor maintenance requirements are also important. High quality floors, such as Technistone® quartz, are a great solution, and can be incorporated with heating solutions. The interior should also include stylish metal details. Other natural raw materials such as bricks and wood are also impressive!

Metal handles or elegant timeless bathroom? This is the interior of a true gentleman.


Would you like a whiskey bar?

Men often avoid “dust collectibles” in the apartment, no wonder. In any case, even in a minimalist interior, elements that make the whole space special may not be missing. A great example is the sophisticated home library, the glazed bar for quality whiskey, the chair for the office, but also the high-tech electronics that few men can do without.

A wide-screen television or stylish office is a dream of many men.


When a man cooks

Gentleman’s cuisine abounds with the above-mentioned characteristics. The basis are the ergonomic layout of the kitchen for easy preparation and serving of meals. Kitchen countertops should be easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Kitchen counter tops made of quartz are highly durable, plus stylish.