How to enlarge the kitchen optically?

Do you think the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home? It is perfectly understandable that kitchens are often the center of most households. The focus is not only on design, but also the overall layout of the room influencing whether we will meet here regularly for Sunday lunches and conversation with family. Are you all in a small kitchen? Are some members of family leaving to go to eat in the living room just to have more dining space?

Of course, the complete foundation is first to think about what activities you want to use the kitchen for and plan the maximum functionality. However, if you have not started with such a plan or if you are not happy with the layout of the kitchen, don‘t hang your head. We will advise you how to enlarge your kitchen optically!

Mirrors, mirrors
As we have said in this article: Behind the mirror, the mirrors are really miraculous in the interior, the room optically enlarges and illuminates. Try hanging the mirror, for example, in front of an open space such as a door or window.
Tip: This trick applies to glass in general. Replace the full door of the top cabinets behind the glass. This will allow you to view the cabinet and the kitchen will look more extensive.

Similar colors
The kitchen can also be visually enlarged by simply arranging it in one color. And that applies to the whole room, including the chairs and the table. Prefer the light colors. If you do not like the feel of colder color shades, revive the kitchen with colorful accessories or paint some of the walls.

Take advantage of the top of the kitchen
We tend to create kitchen furniture of a standard size that does not exceed a certain height. However, cabinets located directly below the ceiling are the clever way to maximize the amount of storage space. Vertical lines on the walls give the kitchen the impression of a higher ceiling.