How to make a bedroom for 3 children?

Setting up a bedroom for three children may not be easy, especially when it comes to kids of different ages. Sometimes, however, due to the available options, it is not possible to provide children with separate rooms, but we can provide them with a shared “den“ fit for the age range. Is this challenging task awaiting you too? Read the following article why it may not be as bad as you had imagined.

 Strengthening relationships

Until the end of the 19th century, people lived in small houses and children often shared the room with the whole family. Of course, times have changed, but you still don’t need to feel bad about having one common space for them. Children will learn to understand, communicate and respect each other through a shared room. Nevertheless, keep in mind that each of them should have their own place where they can “hide” from the outside world. Whether it’s a retractable curtain above the bed or own play corner.

Think carefully about everything

The children’s room should not be furnished accidentally or piece meal, and certainly not filled with anything useless. In the case of three children in one enclosed space, this is incrediblely true. First of all, it should be noted that the room should be large enough. The total area should be about fifteen square meters.

If the room is not sized for three children, this can be easily resolved by changing rooms, such as the living room.


The most important thing to understand is that each child needs their own resting and working area, ie a bed for sleeping and ideally a table with a chair. No matter if one of the children is still in kindergarten, the need for a work zone will have to be resolved sooner or later. Therefore, it is good to arrange the whole room at once, in one design style, to make it whole and not haphazard.

Beds 3v1

As for storage space, these can be shared without issues. One large multifunctional cabinet is enough. On the contrary, take your time to choose the beds. Bunk beds are an effective solution to small spaces. If you have children of similar age, look for special three-bed bunk beds. Another option is to arrange three U-shaped beds.

Size-adjustable or bunk bed with storage is one of the best solutions..

In the case of a very small space, a pull-out bed is also possible..


A desk is a must

We recently wrote about growing furniture, which is ideal for a room with three little children. In addition to adjustable beds, you can also buy a growing desk, which will be used by a preschooler and then a primary school pupil. For young children, don’t forget the play zone.

When the children are older, it is good to separate their personal spaces, whether by curtains, furniture or special screens


The room for 3 children can solve the situation for several years, but with the increasing number of years, their need for privacy will increase.