Interior chances for concrete

Concrete. Most will immediately imagine a building construction site, the reconstruction of the apartment or the industrial interior dominated by concrete. However, you don’t have to move to a rebuilt factory to use this material. Concrete finds its place even in the most modern homes, and it may surprise you what fresh energy it can bring to it. There are many materials that replace concrete. Or, conversely, there are many places where you would not expect a concrete look. Such a place of course is the kitchen itself

Concrete retreats are kitchens or bathrooms. Designers are not afraid to apply this massive and heavy material to kitchen counter tops, sinks and other utility surfaces. In addition to a unique appearance, you will surely appreciate it being well maintained. Technistone® Noble Concrete Gray perfectly imitates concrete and is used in a kitchen design that surprisingly matches up with the use of wood. The whole design looks cozy and it does not imply the chills or cold feel of the industrial impression. Everything is balanced and beautifully comfy.

Soure: Technistone – Noble Concrete Grey, Jeli Design

Source: Technistone – Noble Concrete Grey, Jeli Design

Source: Technistone – Noble Concrete Grey, Jeli Design


If you don’t want such a big hit on your interior, but you still want to change it up a little, reach for concrete accessories. Nowadays, concrete lamps, vases, pots, shelves, chairs and more are now available. It’s only up to you what you choose.

Source: Technistone. Poetic Black, kolekce Serenity