Interior in 2019

In the last article, we demonstrated the modern kitchens of 2019. Now, we look at trends in general. What are the key components for an “in” interior?


Tiles and Cork

Just as Spanish and Mexican tiles will appear in kitchens, you can find these styles in other rooms. Rustic materials in earthy colors on floors and walls replace cold materials in white tones. Particularly, terracotta tiles and tile strips will be in the course, same as cork. It brings warmth and an unusual texture to every interior, and it can also greatly isolate sound. Cork can also be used in furniture.

Terracotta and brick tiles have been used in interior design and construction for centuries. Ideally suited for rustic and so-called Provance interiors.

Cork is no longer just for use in vintage design, but also in modern interior design. It has countless advantages. Apart from sound insulation, it is also resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for allergy sufferers. This trend has held the front seat since 2017!



Geometric shapes complemet dark furniture

If you are planning to buy a new entertainment center or sofa, and you want to be driven by trends, think about dark furniture – especially in black or kerosene colors. Keep the walls a crisp white. Note, the dark furniture trend is most suitable for more spacious rooms.

Walls in classic white, dark furniture and sofa pillows with a motif of geometric shapes – the 2019 living room!



Smart House

Another, yet rather financially demanding trend will be high tech gadgets in kitchens and bathrooms. Bathroom and kitchen sinks with motion sensors, automatic soap dispensers, tubs with massage heads – a trend brought to us from Japan. Does it have a chance to get hold of Czech households?

If high-tech bathrooms are not your thing, bet on bathroom equipment in a white-gold combination which is back in style!


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