Interior Trends in 2019

Introducing an overview of trends that will kick off 2019. At least they aspire to.Sustainability

Less is more. Are you interested in the sustainablity and timelessness of the product you are buying? For how long do you buy it for? What are the conditions for employees who worked on the “pleasure in the house”? Are any organic materials used to build “your jewels”?
Think timeless and try for simplicity. Technistone® materials are for life.

Source: Technistone, shade Noble Carrara

Fine female colors. Colors like red, old fashion pink and bronze. Warm colors and feminine tones on the walls and various tones of red roses that split obtuse or neutral surfaces instantly revitalize fatigued rooms.


Flower wallpaper. Luxury beauty, which continues to correspond with femininity, connects to the design of 2019.

Source: Pinterest

Sustainable, hand-made beautiful pieces. You can make them yourself or buy it from the designer. It’s up to you. But give it a try. In fashion, material such as rice paper, clay or jute, & wicker.

Source: Pinterest

Boho interior design. Freedom. Beauty. Spontaneity

Source: Architecture Art Design

Strong colors on the walls that stand out. In 2019 think of yourself, don’t be afraid, just show your true self. And you will win.

Source: Lonny

Source: Decorista