Intuitive living

Where and how you intend to live have a major impact on your standard of life. Therefore, many factors need to be considered before moving into a place or embarking on an extensive renovation.  Is it worth hiring a designer for this purpose or would you trust your self-intuition?    You browse design magazines, save nice photos from Pinterest, but now try to close your eyes for a moment and imagine your dream interior.  The location, size, wall treatments, art, furnishing (hard and soft), upholstery. …. And what about the kitchen is it rustic, compact or does it have outrageously big island which is the focal point of your home?


Furnishing the interior is not your priority, but qualifies for inclusion in the list of priorities. (source: Domoss, Residente Dark)


Consider your skills

Are you creative? Do you enjoy design? Are you adventurous, or is being creative a challenge? And what about the practical side of things? Do you understand materials and their properties, can you find a handy solution? Do you have the time and desire to solve problems from matters arising? If your answer is no to just one of these questions, you should definitely consider using the services of an interior designer. But you have to choose the right one, one that is half psychologist and half aesthete. She has a sense for detail, he is sort of proactive and sees things you don’t see, and manages them with his experience. At the same time, he is receptive and can recognize your needs and lifestyle. He is not a conductor but your guide who will lead you all the way  to your dream home. In his company you will not get lost in the maze of design, even though you are walking alone. This is the only guarantee that you will achieve desired results without stress.


Set your priorities

Housing is a process that needs proper management to avoid dissatisfaction.  Mistakes can turn out to be costly and sometimes irreversible. Avoid duplication and impulsiveness when making purchases. Creating a harmonious home  does not happen overnight.  You are an individual, be original with your own stamp. In this way you can impress lasting values into it by using not only ingenious details but also, at first glance, high-quality materials that fulfill a practical and aesthetic function. It is this path of learning that will help you discover what plays a key role in your life.

Establish where you spend most of the time in your home and your expectations from it.


A social person is looking for a place near cafes and places where he meets friends and the city accords him formal respect. (source: Technistone®, Ambiente Light, Gobi Urban)


The location of your house or apartment is a key parameter for creating comfortable living. Old houses with high ceilings fascinate some and yet give others a gloomy cold impression. On the contrary, in the reflection of illuminated new buildings, you see the ideal that suits you. Therefore, wisely consider the availability (convenience), amenities, size and location of your future property.


Anyone who looks like an unwatered plant when not in the company of greenery has a clear choice. Whether you live in the city or in the village, you can create your green oasis anywhere and enjoy the beneficial effects of plants. (source: Technistone®, Residente Dark)


Everyone has different space requirements. Someone needs more time alone for work and rest. Others love a small cozy interior where everything is at hand. The size of the apartment or house depends not only on inhabitants, but also ease of maintenance. Consider these aspects as well.


The home interior should give you the feeling of freshness, that you can breathe freely and caress your soul pleasantly every time you enter your private kingdom. (Technistone®, Ambiente Light)


Catch the flies

No apartment or house will be perfect; everyone will have some issue that you will have to deal with. You can’t even choose your neighbors. But you can influence many things. A small apartment can be ingeniously furnished without looking cramped and have everything you need for a happy life. Large spaces with tall trees can be cozy if you fill them correctly. Don’t be afraid to try, play and, above all, trust your intuition, which will always advise you on what things to surround yourself with in order to feel good. Even intuition can be trained and will be useful to you in matters of living and in everyday life.