Invite the colors to your home: An Easter Interior

With Easter already knocking on the door, we have only a few days to give our interior the right playful and festive atmosphere. Recall the traditional Easter symbols, but also the trends of 2019 are definitely worth a try!

Chocolate and the classic

Easter eggs inherently belong to spring and Easter time. Whether you blow out classic eggs or buy wooden eggs, wire or plastic, don’t forget them. If you are skillful enough, you can decorate the shells left over from Easter baking. Eggs can be incorporated into a wreath on the front door or used as a complement to a festive table.


Candles or colorful Easter vases in a shape of egg are returning to popularity.


Take nature home

Another symbol of spring are fresh flowers and wicker. So beautiful buttercups, tulips, daffodils or blooming willow branches can appear in the vase as well. The interior will be enhanced not only by the branches in the vase, but also by a rustic arrangement in a basket.

The wicker baskets can be painted white, but we support the natural variant.


Easter tree

By combining two classic Easter symbols – branches and Easter eggs – we get a beautiful decoration, especially for children. Branches with buds, blown eggs and colored ribbon will do the job.



One pattern is not enough

This year’s hit in the spring interior is more than clear – patterns! Drop these Easter decorations with dull decorations and enjoy the combination of themes. Put the cushions on the sofa in bright colors, place a checkered tablecloth or centerpiece with Easter motives on the dining table.

When else can you enjoy a varied apartment than just at Easter?