It’s time to plan next summer

Autumn and winter are ideal for planning. With the light of the candles, hot wine or hot tea, put your heads together and come up with your dreams. Think about the summer that will come in a few months. And planning the next summer at home can warm you up twice. Just imagine the beautiful summer afternoon and the evening in your garden. You’re outside. in your new outdoor kitchen. You are with friends, family, people you like. You are laughing, singing, talking, eating, drinking, resting, enjoying all this. Do you like the feeling?

Source: Technistone

You should think about the particular form of your outdoor kitchen, and in any case, it should fit in your garden, whether you choose wood, brick or stone as the basic material. It is important that it is practical, that it fits well with the rest of the garden, and the sun shines perfectly in it only in the morning and late afternoon. Also, that it is protected from the southern sunlight by a screen, curtain, house or vegetation. And that its windward and northern sides, are closed.

Source: Technistone,

Its purchase amount should match the quality of the material. So, choose the materials carefully. Outdoor kitchens look beautiful and timeless if they are simple in design. With just the right material and simple looks, you will achieve the above-mentioned timelessness. Certainly, the cook should have a job with a high-quality counter top that can withstand a lot of stress and the effects of nature itself. We are still talking about the summer outdoor kitchen.

There are several reasons to consider a Technistone® outdoor kitchen. For the surroundings of the home, it creates a cozy corner, a material inspired by natural motifs to enhance the beauty of the composition of the entire garden, and for a long time it provides under the clear sky. Exterior White, Exterior Gray, and Exterior Light Gray in the shades of white and gray materials are a great fit in the garden. The exterior products are highly resistant to external influences (UV radiation, weathering, frost resistance) while preserving the properties you most appreciate when preparing food. High scratch resistance, natural juices and stains, high hardness, non-absorbency and easy maintenance are more than desirable for outdoor work areas. Do not worry about accessories, you can also make a sink in the same shade, including the drainage tray. Then just choose the right grill and the garden party can start! The materials are made from slabs measuring 3060 x 1440 mm and 20 mm thick. Available in a polished finish.



Source: Grape Vine Realty Inc.


Further equipment depends on the requirements and the financial possibilities. The most practical option is when the kitchen is completely furnished. So, there is a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and storage space for dishes, cutlery and glasses.