Jutta Tanninen

Jutta Tanninen: a practical woman with Scandinavian charm

Jutta Tanninen: a practical woman with Scandinavian charm

Finnish designer Jutta Tanninen has loved design since childhood. She started her professional career at the age of 20. After successfully completing her studies. Jutta landed a job in selling customizable furnitures. After that she has been an interior designer/stylist in a one of the top real estate agencys in Finland. Currently she works as a creative designer with a developer that builds high end apartments. In addition, she is a freelance interior designer.

Scandinavia is known for its minimalism and sense of simplicity in design. This distinctive aesthetic has earned the unified name Scandinavian style and Jutta Tanninen is a proud advocate of it. Scandinavian minimalism, in other words, functional simplicity, is her template.

“I love pretty design, but the most important thing is always functionality and practicality. In my work I combine the Japanese aesthetic and the simplicity of minimalism. A beautiful interior surrounds people with happiness and peace. It is an investment in a happier and more contented life,” says Jutta in the introduction.

Jutta Tanninen’s design could be summed up by the motto: “less is sometimes more”, don’t you think? (Technistone®, Noble Supreme White)

The designer draws inspiration at every turn, and loves the combination of natural materials – wood and stone. When designing interiors, she makes sure that the interior is long-lasting and low-maintenance.

“Over the years of practice, I have learned to design timeless interiors with quality materials. I can’t get enough of an engineered stone kitchen countertop. I’m also very aware of not cluttering up empty space with decorations/furniture. Vacant spaces bring lightness and freshness to a space,” advises Jutta Tanninen.

The emphasis on minimalism is easy to read in the successful designer’s designs. Jutta always prefers one dominant piece of furniture to many small ones. Choosing the final decorations is not one of her favorite activities.

Jutta Tanninen is a dominant woman who has found a penchant for overcoming obstacles. She enjoys working with the design of problematic spaces and looking for solutions.

“I enjoy projects with unlimited budgets the most, where I have a free hand and can let my imagination run wild ” she adds with a smile.

Technistone® engineered stone in Noble Supreme White is a beautiful and timeless choice. The same decor has found its place on the kitchen screen, in the bathroom and in the toilet.

Jutta Tanninen’s successfully completed projects include a number of cozy apartments and luxury residences. Her mission is to help people with their most important place in the world. But she makes no secret of the fact that in the future she would like to design the public interior of a restaurant or hotel. She regularly posts photo snippets of her work on her Instagram profile, where you too can get original “Scandinavian” inspiration.