Kitchen in black

To see a kitchen in white nowadays will suprise no one, but have you ever thought about black? Just like in fashion, black is good for anything. Whether you have a traditional, modern or any other style kitchen, cabinets, kitchen furniture or a kitchen counter in black; they are are all universally versatile.

Are you ready to turn to dark shades? Continue reading and be inspired by dramatically elegant black.

Preferable in artificial light

Using black in the kitchen is feared by a lot of people, it may seem that color optically reduces space, but it doesn‘t. In this case, it is important to think about the light. Be aware that the day light is not so preferable. Rather use artificial lighting. It can have a delicate touch of purple or pink.


Kitchen counter

The kitchen counter in dominant black asks directly for glossy surfaces and the use of stone in various forms. Also important are the properties of the kitchen counter, for example, the Technistone® kitchen counter is highly resistant to both scratch and normal heat loads in kitchens or to non-concentrated household cleaners. These properties guarantee the perfect appearance of the surface, even after years of use. Then incorporate metallic elements within the space.

Black and white combination
If black is too dominant for you, combine the kitchen in black and white. The black and white combination is self-conscious and timeless. Black and white complement each other perfectly with other colors and unmistakably emphasize the interior.

Try it in small dosesIf you love the idea of a black kitchen, but do not dare to try it, try using black accessories first.


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