Kitchen renovation in just a few steps! Klára Davidová tells us how to go about it.

Everyone’s tastes naturally change over the course of a lifetime, and their sense of design matures. The first interior decoration is rarely the last. Designers strive to keep their interiors timeless yet simple. It is important to think about the future, changing trends and refining one’s taste in design. Arrange your interior in such a way that you can easily modify it in case the charm of accessories ceases to work. And how to renovate your kitchen as easily as possible? Let’s take a look at replacing the partials together, led by designer and influencer Klára Davidová.

The kitchen is one of the biggest investments in interior design. It’s almost impossible to design it for a lifetime. We’ll show you how you can change the look of your kitchen without major structural interventions – sparingly and economically.

Klara, tell us when did you decide to redesign your kitchen?

It’s been a long time coming. My affinity for white kitchens is obvious. However, I replaced the original white gloss of the doors with a deep white matte. The upper cabinets pulled up to the ceiling along with unifying the look of the large cabinet doors made everything complete. I replaced the laminate kitchen worktop (40mm) with the best quality material on the market, namely engineered stone. The effect of integrity is enhanced by the use of ‘plain white’ on everything that is attached to the wall, including the worktop. This is glossy in contrast to the matt doors, and perfect for maintenance. I chose TechniStone® as the material for the kitchen worktop.

The kitchen area is dominated by a block with storage space and built-in appliances. TechniStone® Crystal Absolute White

The kitchen area is dominated by a block with storage space and built-in appliances. TechniStone® in Crystal Absolute White in a thickness of 20 mm was used for the worktop.

Why did you choose TechniStone®?

For us, it meets all hygienic and practical requirements. It is resistant to hot and sharp objects. My husband and I couldn’t agree on the decor, so we ordered samples three times. I wanted to break up the white tones of the kitchen even more, so I chose the whitest option from the TechniStone® portfolio – Crystal Absolute White – for the kitchen worktop. The island, on the other hand, is complete in beige Noble Ivory White decor, including the worktop, and makes a nice solitaire that stands out from the background white… not very distinctive, but different and connects the kitchen space to the nearby living room and furniture in matching beige. The attached planter forms a perfect unit with the island, and when I feel like a styling change, this is the perfect spot for beautiful decorations.

kitchen countertop in white colour Crystal Absolute White

Crystal Absolute White brought a touch of harmony and freshness to the kitchen.

Can you briefly summarize the innovations your kitchen has undergone?

The whole kitchen is now in a deep matt finish, with doors and sides by Trachea. The upper cabinets above the window have been replaced – they stretch to the ceiling and have a conventional opening instead of a hatch. The storage cupboards also have their doors pulled up to the ceiling instead of the original floor-to-ceiling hinges. The fewer longitudinal partitions make the back wall more compact. The doors have painted handles instead of the original aluminum handles. I replaced the varnish on the entire kitchen with aluminum. The island is beige (including the baseboards), – creating a solitary piece that is visually separate from the whole kitchen. The island has the sides lowered to the floor. The worktop material made it possible to fit a new Franke under mounted sink. The back of the kitchen has been newly painted with a washable white paint instead of glass tiling.

TechniStone® is a quartz material that requires expert workmanship and installation. How was the countertop installation?

The installation team at Bruno Paul Stone Company are true professionals! First, they came to measure the kitchen so they knew exactly where to cut which holes and so that the countertop would fit the cabinetry like a glove. On their second visit, the kitchen countertop was pre-cut with cut-outs for the hob, integrated electrics, and a new electric oven. They installed the cooktop with an integrated drawer, sink, faucet and dispenser. The gentlemen from Bruno Paul cleaned everything up perfectly.

The Bruno Paul stone company took great care in the implementation – the final machining of the engineered stone was done on site to ensure that the installation was perfect in every detail.

The whole process was very demanding, but crucially it required no major structural modifications. Klara is beyond pleased with the result and we wish her every comfort in her new kitchen.