Klára and Radka’s experience

Klára and Radka's experience

A new kitchen is usually one of the most costly items in the interior. On the other hand, it is a very difficult task. It has to be functional, spacious, low-maintenance and at the same time a tasteful addition to the interior. In order to meet the ever-increasing demands, it should be made of quality materials with components that will last for a few decades. In the first article we interviewed Beata and Tereza-Maria. In this article, Klára and Radka will give us their impressions and experiences. Both women are full-time mothers, which is why they spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Klára and Radka share a love for minimalism, timeless design and cleanliness. They prefer clever solutions and the use of modern technology. They both boast white kitchen units and Technistone® worktops. How does this “coexistence” work for them?

Klara  “I feel very comfortable in my kitchen” she says

The corner kitchen in white paint is fitted with a Brilliant White worktop. The black, recessed sink integrates the kitchen into the black and white minimalist design.

Klara’s dream was to have a large kitchen with a central island. But because of the layout of the apartment, she had to find an alternative solution. She needed a kitchen that would not visually reduce the space and would look clean and white.

“I have a white gloss kitchen and everyone initially discouraged me. It’s interesting how many people have preconceptions without having any experience. Maintenance is closely related to the choice of surface – a smooth and glossy surface is better for cleaning than a textured surface. Our kitchen is cleaned in no time, all I need is a cloth and a Clin.” Clara’s kitchen is one of the most expensive items in the apartment. However, she says it is well worth the investment and saves a lot of time. “The Technistone® worktop is the pinnacle of progress in my opinion. I can’t think of a better, more practical and beautiful material. It has met expectations exactly, so yes, I am satisfied. I have a bottom-mounted sink, whenever anything spills or drips, like beetroot, just use a damp sponge to push the liquid into the sink and it’s sorted without a trace. When I was deciding on the countertop color, it was easy. I saw a sample and fell in love with the shade Brilliant White.”

Klara’s tip

 “What do I would tell anyone planning a kitchen? Listen to other people’s opinions, but also ask for reasons why they think so. Scour the internet and be inspired by the world. Don’t be bound by what you are presented with in the studio.”


“It’s my white dream space that I just love” she says

The unusual airy island is made up of a metal base and worktop in Noble Supreme White. Gentle Scandinavian-style accessories and a bouquet of fresh flowers add character to the kitchen.

She has always loved the combination of white and wood, so she was clear about the design of her future kitchen.”My kitchen is a dream come true. There are still a lot of question marks around the color white, but I think the darker the color, the more maintenance intensive it is.”

 Radka designed the kitchen to her liking, but consulted the architect and the cabinetmaker.

 “I chose Technistone® for the kitchen worktop. The material was recommended to me as the most suitable. I chose Noble Supreme White. Maintenance is my daily ritual – I spray baking soda on it and wipe it down.”

Radka’s tip

 “Don’t be afraid to let the expert speak into the visualization. It will be your space where you spend your time. You need to feel great in it first and foremost.”

All the women, proud owners of a white kitchen with Technistone® countertops, agreed that they would recommend their kitchen to their family and friends.

 Still don’t think a kitchen in white is the right choice?