Living with a bohemian soul

Decore Ocra is the fruit of the (un)usual beauty of nature and the trend of modern times. Its raw charm penetrates below the surface and connects grey realities with the colourful past. It enchants with its impressive colourful playfulness. Wooing with sensual attractiveness. It is a wizard from the land of TechniStone ®. With a magic wand it opens the gate to our souls, dreams, fantasies and wishes. It is a companion to naturalness, aiming directly to the imperfections of our existence.  It teaches us to perceive a world without embellishments and a rosy tint, just as it really is. Real, pure, sometimes even raw and rough, but also beautiful and kind.

With its distinctiveness and originality, it goes beyond ingrained stereotypes. Inspired by the raw beauty of industrial buildings and natural materials goes even further and elevates modern living to a higher inconceivable level. It lures with soulful tenderness, subdues with a sensual look. Decore Ocra is the Bohemian of the home with fiery eyes and a sensitive soul.

The brutality of urbanism and the liveliness of nature in perfect harmony.

Magic touch of ochre fantasy with grey lines gives the interior style and elegance and creates an unconventional living space with the relaxed atmosphere of urban suburbia and with a Bohemian touch.

An unruly appearance is transformed into a distinctive decoration. The dramatic accent of the decor is softened by lighter tones with a wider range of grey, white and beige shades.  This resonates well with the black colour and is capable of accommodating even more diverse challenges.  The interplay with light will enliven the spaces and give them a special charge, charisma and magnetism.

Its special nature spans the kitchen, bathroom spaces, offices, and open hallways.  It also looks great as conference tables or wall cladding.

The TechniStone ® Decore Ocra engineered stone will become the partner you have always wanted to have. It is reliable and gentle to nature. It has a strong and durable character and innate longevity.

Tough to the look but a tender lover at heart. It arouses admiration and yet does not boast.  It elevates and consolidates. It evokes emotions, and calms the mind. Decore Ocra is a visionary transforming dreams and fantasies into a timeless interior full of life and original beauty.