Minimalist design in pastel pink: handwritten by Natalia M Projects

Minimalist design in pastel pink: handwritten by Natalia M Projects

Natalia Mielczarek-Prym’s innate talent and sense of aesthetics predestined her for a career in design. “I always felt that I had refined artistic taste and technical skills. I love contact with people, listening to them and building a relationship with them”, she says with a smile. Her first ever project was a renovation of an apartment for a young family, where the literal icing on the cake is the extravagant pink kitchen!

After studying interior design and architecture, Natalia decided to make her dream come true. She has been running her own design studio for 3 years now. In her work she applies her experience not only from the studio but also from her architectural internship in Rome. The characteristic features of the designed interiors are the usual forms in unusual arrangements and unique color combinations. Natalia is bold and not afraid to assert her opinion. The proof is the project of the family apartment, which is dominated by the already mentioned, pastel pink kitchen. As much as Natalia loves pastel colors, she also loves quality materials, and can’t afford to leave out stone. For her, its raw beauty set in an interior. It is the epitome of perfection.

 “I think stone is now making a spectacular comeback,” she notes.

Gentle yet dominant!

The color pink has always been linked with cute girls and the energy of youth, but because of ingrained stereotypes, interiors have so far shied away from it. However, in this project, Natalia has achieved her goal. The young married couple were thrilled with her “pink” idea.

 “I knew their tastes and was almost certain that I would meet with success. What you see in the photos is the first version of the project, I didn’t change anything”, she says in amazement.

Noble Olympos Mist - work of designer Natalia M Projects

Pastel pink kitchen doors in a matt finish are complemented by gold hardware. The kitchen is fitted with TechniStone® engineered stone in Noble Olympos Mist.

“The key to our success was the trust of my clients. It wasn’t just about the kitchen design, I also designed the two bedrooms and of course the bathroom. I was given the freedom to create and I am still grateful for that. When the right people meet, beautiful things happen, and this project is proof of that,” Natalie recalls of her first ever project.

She designed one of the most important components of the kitchen, the worktop, using TechniStone® engineered stone.

 “I chose Noble Olympos Mist. It was love at first sight. Although I avoid gray, here the decor with white veins on a dark base was the obvious choice.”

The result is a truly romantic juxtaposition of pastel pink and sensual Noble Olympos Mist.

Inspiration, this comes naturally to Natalie. She follows her instincts, her sense of simplicity and refinement. Her love of pastels permeates every project. 

Natalia confessed that she has a hard time saying goodbye to her clients after realization of a project.

“I don’t part with my clients after completion.

 I experience a piece of my life with them, I tune into their personality, we understand each other. I create a space for them to have a home.’’ However, according to Natalie, the real home is created by the clients themselves, who bring life and daily activities into the interior. „It’s great to see photos of their son running around in the kitchen or photos from a family party. I am no longer part of the project, but it lives on,” she adds with emotion.

Photographers: Hania Połczyńska, Dawid Cyran