Minimalist inspiration for a simpler life

Minimalism does not bring less comfort but rather more time to enjoy it.

What are the biggest benefits of living in a small space? How can the basic principles of minimalism be incorporated into everyday life? Minimalist living doesn’t have to be boring! The beauty of minimalism lies above all in a simpler lifestyle with the ability to see and enjoy what is really important. You do not have to dispose of all your belongings and live between four bare walls right away to adhere to core minimalist skills (principles).


Minimum things, maximum comfort. This is the trend in interior design. Light, warm tones, natural materials and lots of space for self-realization. These elements help to create an environment in which you will feel comfortable and free.


  1. Clear your mind

The question is, do I need this new thing? Can I still use the old one? The basic rule of minimalism is – if you buy something, you have to “throw” out something else from your home. The same goes for everything you have not touched in the last year. This keeps the things around us in balance. We then think more about what we really need. Take the time to clean and then  enjoy the pleasure of a tidy apartment with just necessary and useful stuff.  You will find such great tips in Marie Kondo’s Miracle Cleaning.( The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up)


The less you have, the less you need and vice versa. This golden rule shows you which things are really worth having and looking after.

  1. Forget the price / performance ratio

when shopping for a new product follow your intuition not technical parameters and current needs. Our needs can be deceitful, based on ingrained habits not bringing us anything new or positive. All these products only have the sole purpose of being purchased. Entire teams of professionals look for ways to convince customers that their product is useful and necessary for the home. Shop consciously, and ask yourself, “Do I really need it?” More things bring with them more cleaning, sorting, searching and decision making. It will be easier to keep your interior space clean when it is not cluttered.


  1. Sustainability is the real value

simply put, pay attention to quality and provenance. A price tag is not the only indicator of value though you usually pay more for a quality item than the less expensive version. You will appreciate it more and it will certainly serve you better. In addition, this ecological attitude will bring you more pleasure from shopping and a better sense of self.

Are you environmentally conscious? Do you avoid plastics, shop organic and sort waste? Adopt these principle at  home too – buy things that don’t have a negative impact on nature, are fully functional, long-lasting, and never become an eyesore.


  1. Let space breathe

We all do it, we come home from work, drop the keys and put down the post … Accumulating objects is a bad habit that obscures the beauty of things. Do you prefer a tidy worktop or one cluttered with appliances, sanitary products, souvenirs and other “necessities” that you need to have at hand? You have one of kind antique furniture, a beautiful kitchen countertop made of stone, a rattan table… Let these materials stand out. Optically the room will be enlarged, brighter; your mind will be calmer, with less stress and needless searching. An orderly system saves the most time.


Don’t cover up the beauty of materials with unnecessary things that do not belong to there. Your system will be your trusted ally, allowing both you and your interior to breathe.


  1. Prudence is happiness

Not only things but also life processes can be dropped or moved around in your life for a better daily routine. What takes you the most space in your mind? When do you have the greatest capacity to handle a given task all at once? And where can you find a place to have fun? Write, plan, have a quiet place where you can evaluate your day, find out what made you happy or unhappy and what you can do about it. Deriving happiness from a process and a sense of satisfaction is the equation that should determine everything you do. A calm and conscious mind-set is the most powerful weapon against unnecessarily wasting of time, energy and money. Therefore, always think where you are heading and what hurdles are in your way.


Planning is the first step on the way to making dreams reality. Do away with old habits that are holding you back. The path to truly worthwhile goals is longer and more complicated. Be consistent and persistent.


And a piece of advice to conclude? Cherish the changes you make. Whether they are small or large they should bring joy. They should bring joy not stress or limitations. So do not force yourself into anything. Especially with minimalism, the journey is the reward.