Modern application of engineered stone in the interior

It enlivens the interior and never becomes boring. The stone is a unique addition to the interior, but it can also be its base.  It all depends on making the right choice and positioning it in such a way as to highlight its characteristics. How can you effectively bring out its compatibility?  Take advantage of the advice of knowledgeable designers and let yourself be guided along the path to perfect stone applications, from classic to complete pearls. Maybe you’ll find what suits you.  The stone is like a dress, it must fit like a shell a first try.

The combination of materials is a tough design nut, but when done successfully  and the surfaces float together in one line, it is an artistic experience. (Markéta Killi, Urban Interior; Technistone® Noble Ivory White)

“At first I was afraid that the stone would look very heavy in the interior. I like wood and light airy spaces. But it was enough for me to visit a few showrooms to understand that the opposite is true. I chose a light shade that looks soft and elegant. It now plays a crucial role in my kitchen, both design and functional, ”says Lucie the owner of the new kitchen,

Touch perfection

Engineered stone at first glance might not glitter like diamond but is a very  attractive material, vibrant and full of life with its varied structure, veining and surface finishes. Smooth glossy, silky matt or textured? The surface plays a very important role in the selection of stone. Therefore, touch it properly and feel how the shade is affected by its surface treatment. The darker the shade of the stone, the more pronounced the color difference between the glossy variant and the different surface treatment.

The matte surface of the stone is as soft as velvet. It does not reflect light as its shiny variant. Suitable for desks, window sills and modern kitchens. (JELI design, Technistone® Noble Concrete Grey Matt)

Display it for admiration

Despite the wide variability of the use of stone in the interior, it is a great pity to give it a secondary position. It  is a ‘’show-man’’ thriving best where something is constantly happening and can fully show its qualities. Thanks to this, you will best appreciate its features.

“Undoubtedly, the stone has its place in the kitchen, where I like to use it for worktops ,the  kitchen backsplash and for the floors. However, its practical application is much broader. Very nice applications are on sinks, front tiling of drawers, doors, dining tables or conference table tops or as part of interior wall tiling. It also works great in bathrooms in the form of storage spaces, bathroom vanities, washbasins, window sills, etc. It is a noble material with great properties and inimitable appearance, ” says Markéta Killi from the Urban Interior studio, who has years of experience with engineered stone.

Be sure to get advice from an expert when choosing decors. Borrow samples at home and mix the recommended range of colors until you are 100% convinced.

The right shade of engineered stone will aesthetically enhance the interior, bringing it functional relief and the natural lightness of natural materials. (Nataliamprojects, Technistone® Elegance Eco Ash, Elegance Eco Nev)

The engineered stone in the bathroom is a great and reliable friend that creates a pleasant atmosphere and does not mind water or moisture at all. (Technistone® Pearl Rocca)

Coziness taken to a higher level

The stone can also fulfill an important unifying function in the interior, by  combining individual parts into one unit. Details such as a conference table top, window sills or wall tiling in the shade of a kitchen worktop can cleverly link a living room with a kitchenette. Especially in open spaces, this use makes sense. Of course, don’t forget the accessories that fine-tune and brighten up the interior. They will understand natural flowers, paintings or distinctive chandeliers with a stone in the background.

The right combination of natural materials such as wood and stone accompanied by living plants is a guarantee of the desired ‘’wow!’’ effect, which will continually reverberate  in the course of a lifetime .  (Technistone® Crystal Calacatta Silva)