Modern Kitchens You’re Going to Love: This year´s trends

The kitchen is a unique place at the heart of every home, and that’s why you should make its design your own. When planning the perfect modern kitchen, it’s important to think about both practical layout and exciting design. As well as lighting, the right choice of colours and materials will help you to create a timeless and unique interior where you will love cooking and relaxing. There’s really a lot to choose from! 

Most often, it’s interior designers and interior architects who are setting the trends in design.  It’s no different for kitchens. However, you should feel comfortable in your own kitchen, so it is up to you how much you follow their recommendations. We’ve picked out some ideas for you that combine the colours and styles that are trending now! 

Green Means Go in Any Modern Kitchen 

Green is the trendiest colour for 2022 and it definitely should not be missing from your interior. This calming colour is inspired by nature and can come in hundreds of shades, so it works well not only with wood, but also with stone and ceramics. Dark green with white is one of the most popular combinations, but mint green and sage are gaining favour too. They both look great alongside wooden components.

Author: GRStone

A Blue Wave in a Modern Kitchen

The calming colour blue symbolises rest and relaxation, so it’s the perfect colour for your trendy modern kitchen. However, think carefully and pick the right shade. There are plenty of options! Light and pastel blues are great for smaller spaces, making them visually larger, while dark or medium blue looks impressive in bigger ones. You can opt for a modern kitchen steeped in blue or just go with a few blue-coloured accessories. Blue is a classic that works well in any shade with wood and natural or engineered stone.

Author: MebleWnetrza, BetterHome

Positive Vibes in a Dark but Modern Kitchen   

Dark colours have gained favour in recent years and are gradually taking the place of white in kitchens. Among the most popular are black, anthracite and dark grey, which are elegant colours that make a luxurious impression. Combinations with wood and metal are most often found in dark-coloured kitchens, where the countertops and cabinets let accessories in lighter colours stand out beautifully. With dark materials, you have to take good care of surfaces so that traces of fingerprints are not left behind. 

Author: Tereza Salte

Industrial Pleasure in a Modern Kitchen

The industrial style draws its inspiration from old factories and industrial premises. Its main elements are exposed brick, bare walls, wooden pallets, stucco, concrete, iron, and stone. In a modern kitchen, designers recommend simply taking inspiration from this style and choosing just a few of its elements. It looks good in a loft or an atelier, but doesn’t fit as well into a small space or a prefab apartment. The ideal colours for the industrial style are matte grey, brown, or white.  

A Modern Kitchen in Earth Tones  

Earth tones were mostly trendy in the 1970s, but they are coming back. Warm earthy colours in combination with wood, painted metal, copper, and tin can create such a harmonious, cozy atmosphere in your kitchen that you will never want to leave it. The style combines the vintage and the rustic, and is an excellent choice for modern kitchens, both large and small. Its predominant colours are dark brown or green, cinnamon, or grey in combination with white. Wood can simply be varnished.

Author: Better Home

The Infinite Variability of White in a Modern Kitchen

Thanks to their neutrality, white kitchens are best-sellers, and they can be designed and tailored to suit your imagination. Want contrast? Go for white with anthracite or black, a timeless combination. If you’re a little more restrained, opt for a combination of white and a light grey or white stone countertop with subtle veining, which will give your modern kitchen an imaginative and sleek look. White kitchens appeal to lovers of modern, rustic, and Provençal styles alike, as well as to those who want a highly contemporary minimalism.   

Author: Iva Hájková

A Rustic Modern Kitchen, Even in the City 

Rustic kitchens have been a stalwart of kitchen design for many years already. They rely on simplicity, low maintenance, and functionality. The rustic style is cosy and comfortable, and fits perfectly into any interior. It gives an interior the feel of a country house and most often combines natural wood with white paint. Don’t hesitate to add ceramics, wicker, or even moss art, though.   

Author: Karolina Zagrodska

A Modern Kitchen in Playful Pastel

Pastel colours bring a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere into your kitchen and add softness to an interior. Their light tones also enlarge a space visually, so they go well in a small modern kitchen or kitchenette. You really have a lot to choose from, as there are many shades. A pastel purple, blue, green, salmon, or pink combines well with a neutral colour like cream or grey.

Author: NataliaMProjekty, Kroniki

 Engineered Stone in the Modern Kitchen

Every year engineered stone is getting more and more popular. No wonder. This resistant, natural material lasts for years and its beauty is eternal. Slabs of engineered stone are most often used in kitchens, mainly for countertops, but also for wallcovering, bartops, and islands. Engineered stone from Technistone offers a wide range of colours to choose from for both lovers of minimalism and those who are not afraid to experiment. 

  • A Modern Veined Kitchen

Veined slabs of engineered stone add personality and a natural beauty to your kitchen. You can choose from different types of veining with different densities. It’s a sure-fire way to perk up your interior, but still keep that minimalist feel.  

Author: Marie Tereza Cvrková

    • A Modern Marble Kitchen

    Engineered stone slabs with a marble-like appearance are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. You’ll love them thanks to their elegant design, which is perfect for luxurious and glamourous kitchens.

Author: Lucia Wágnerová 

    • A Purely Minimalist White Kitchen 

    A white kitchen is timeless, minimalist, modern. In kitchen interiors, white countertops are popular because they are easy to combine, not only with different materials but also with various colours. In addition, glossy countertops can visually enlarge smaller spaces. In combination with marble, they look really luxurious. 

Author: Lucie Hovorková

    • A Modern Kitchen with a Quartz Island

    A kitchen island tiled with engineered stone will dominate any large modern kitchen. You can match your island to the style of your kitchen cabinets or wrap it in a completely different, unique coat. However, the island’s countertop should always match the rest of the countertops in the kitchen.

Autor: MoodProject

    • A Sophisticated, Elegant, and Modern Black Kitchen 

    Black kitchen countertops are distinctive and very elegant. They look great in combination with wood in various shades, and with concrete, metal, and exposed brick walls. The colour blends well with white, grey and natural shades.

Autor: Markéta Killi, Urban Interior


Inspiration for Your Modern Kitchen 

Are you planning, renovating, or still just thinking about your dream kitchen? Do you need some inspiration or want to take a look at the options? Here are some useful links and events that might interest you.  

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