Norwegian „Hygge“ a simple minimalism

How is it possible that the Norwegians are among the happiest in the world despite the gloomy weather? And what is the secret of their minimalism? How is Hygge associated with this?

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Under the word “Hygge”, imagine a moment of rest when you do not need to do anything and you are just relaxing, whether alone or in a company of friends or family. No discussion of politics, crises, or sharing of negative thoughts. You can create the same atmosphere in your home environment. How? Make a good tea, light up some candles and let yourself be carried away by the presence of your favorite music while you are wrapped in your favorite blanket. Learn to “turn off” and see that you will become more productive and relaxed whether in work or personal life.

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Northerners prefer simplicity and minimalism. The style of living they prefer is bright colors and natural tones of wood that dwell on the area, which is also very airy. They like and they surround themselves with natural materials. They are supporters and enthusiasts of EKO life. That’s why they often choose Technistone® materials to meet their high demands and environmental sustainable. You will not find it only in the kitchen. But also on wadrobes, tables, dining tables or walls. The Cozy home plays an important role in Scandinavia. Everyone spends a lot of time here, so everyone needs to feel good and happy.

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Source: Technistone / Gobi Black shade

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The Norwegians live their happy life the way it is. They are connected with nature. Whether it’s raining or a blowing wind, you’ll always see them happily riding through the streets with a smile on their faces. And do you know why? They are looking forward to being in their cozy and minimalist home.