Orange in the interior? Why not!

In interior design, the most commonly used colors are neutral, such as white, black, brown. But what about orange? If you do want the same old boring shades; make your interior even better, you couldn’t make a better choice. How to deal with the shades of this color and which rooms does it suit best?


Score a “bullseye” for extroverts

Orange in the interior is for those who love a bit of experimentation in their life and do not mind to step out of the crowd. Orange is the color of life, sensuality, energy, happiness, and above all… good moods. What more do you want?

Orange does not fit into the interior. Error!


Ideal for child’s room

The orange color also represents playfulness and therefore goes especially well in children’s rooms. If you have a baby at home that needs to be cheerful and encouraged, orange is the perfect choice. A cheerful environment will positively affect child’s mood. Otherwise, especially with hyperactive children, save the orange shades.

Children love colorful and merry colors, orange is no exception.


The bathroom that warms up

Orange also often appears in bathrooms, and especially in Czech ones, where it shines in the form of tiles. No wonder, this warm color is much more suitable for the bathroom than the cold blue. Perfectly combined with shades of brown, beige, gray or wood.

Where else would you like to feel surrounded by soothing warmth than just in the bathroom?


It supports the appetite

Even in the kitchen or dining room you do not have to worry about orange shades because they stimulate your appetite. And because orange itself is so robust in color, it is ideal to combine it with one, at most two other colors, and most preferably neutral ones. You can add it with a kitchen counter top in a gray shade. A variety of design motifs and color options are offered by the Czech producer of quartz, Technistone, a.s.

Orange lights up every kitchen. Will you reach for the orange accessories, or be courageous enough for the bright kitchen counter top?


As with other rooms such as a living room or a bedroom, most of the designers tend to use orange in the form of tiny accents such as pillows, carpets or sofas.


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