Painting the world green in small steps

You can do it too! We believe in the theory of “butterfly wings” and the power of small steps by each individual to make a significant difference on a global scale. 

Why did we turn white Christmas into green?

Firstly, because in the Czech Republic, snow is becoming a rarity, with the exception of a few places due to global warming. Even in the mountains there is less snow every year. Is that the case where you are too? Climate change is not just a scarecrow of environmentalists, it is an everyday reality that is irreversibly changing the shape of our planet. 

Green is also the colour of the symbol of Christmas – the Christmas tree, around which all the Christmas cheer takes place. Why not give them a different meaning this year? Let’s give our loved ones the gift of a healthier planet!

We’ve decided to set an example and inspire you with Christmas gifts that are easy on the environment. In the new diary made of natural materials, you can immediately write down your resolutions and the steps you will take in the new year to make life better for all of us here.

With a good cup of coffee in hand, you’ll be sure to come up with lots of ideas on how to live more sustainably on Earth.

Probably the most unnecessary waste comes from wrapping Christmas presents, so swap disposable packaging for stylish bags made from renewable materials that can be reused and make a great, practical gift.

Here at Technistone we avoid plastic like hell. That’s why we drink filtered tap water, it’s healthy and tasty. When we travel, we pack it in our own bottle, which also looks better than its unsightly plastic sibling.

For those who “bet” on safety, there is a magic bullet full of nature’s wonders – the so-called seed bomb. It will make the world and your home a little greener and smell a little better.

Every writer and sketchbook lover will be thrilled with this eco set of miracle pencils and folders made from recycled cardboard.

And many other useful items made from cork or bamboo, for example, are among the renewable and stylish gifts. This year, Techniston’s Santa is also gifting stylish cork wallets, business card cases for fashion lovers and techies with a bamboo wireless charger or a bamboo digital watch.

Eco Christmas gifts are just a small piece of the puzzle leading to sustainability, so throughout the rest of the year we strive to implement eco-friendly measures in the areas of production and logistics.

– For the production of slabs, we use local sources of input materials as much as possible in order to reduce the transport load.

– We manufacture selected products using a high proportion of recycled raw materials.

– Recycling is also taken into account in other sub-activities, such as the reuse of wastewater or the secondary processing of production waste.

We think about the seemingly small things that cumulatively mean a lot as a whole.

The important thing is to find your reason

Because without intrinsic motivation, every decision will melt away in a week or two, just like the snow in warm weather… It’s not enough to be eco-friendly and sustainable. You need to look behind the curtain and be aware that we are part of the whole and we each have our share of responsibility towards our planet.

It just takes one decision that each of us can make, every day.