Admin building Aviatica in Prague

Perfect Canteen; a modern gastronomic facility in the heart of the green building

Admin building Aviatica in Prague


The Aviatica office building has become a dominant feature of the Prague 5 district. The organically designed building with 27,000 m2 floor space stands on the site of the former Walter factory. The authors of the project, Jakub Cígler, architects thus effectively used the area of ​​these abandoned industrial premises, the so-called brownfields. Old dilapidated buildings often occupy large areas of the city in lucrative areas, where they do not impact positively on their surroundings namely environmental degradation, negative environmental impact, adverse social phenomena or a reduction in the economic potential of the location.

Aviatica is another building with the highest possible standard given the type of materials used the quality of processing of interior elements and the use of the most efficient technologies. Many factors including the economic and environmental friendliness of the project made Aviatica recipient of the green certification in the LEED Gold level. For normal operation, the building largely uses rainwater, an important precondition for certification was sustainable energy recovery and also the fact that the building is within walking distance of public transportation, which allows tenants to make maximum use of public transport. If you want to take advantage  of ecological transportation come by bike, there are even showers and changing rooms provided. Afterwards, you can start your day with a well-deserved breakfast in the Perfect Canteen Aviatica restaurant.

It has been operating since the autumn of 2016 and is one of the many branches of the chain of restaurants of the distinguished chef Filip Sajler. The design of the canteen incorporates a café with a capacity for 200 seats with another 50 seats provided in the airy outdoor piazza open from spring to autumn.


The interior was designed to reflect the name of the building "Aviatica"


The interior was designed to reflect  the name of the building “Aviatica”, so the whole zone with food delivery is “seated” in a kind of fuselage.


Perfect Canteen Aviatica in Prague


Perfect Canteen Aviatica works on self-service basis. The chefs  serve you according to your order and you proceed to the table with a tray. In the self-service zones, you can serve yourself soup, make a salad, pour a drink or choose other food items in the showcases. After a good lunch you can make use the cafe.


The interior design of this restaurant was undertaken under the supervision of architects from the Basepoint studio. They managed to professionally reconcile the modern character of the building with ecological standards using suitable materials.  The principal materials used were wood, stone and stainless steel, basically durable materials with a guaranteed long life-span, which can withstand the demanding operations of the canteen without compromising aesthetics. Averagely it is visited daily by up to 1,500 guests. The gastro counters are made of highly durable engineered Technistone® stone, which guarantees the long life and easy maintenance of the busiest areas of the entire restaurant.


A wooden table, stainless steel came with a cup


Wooden tables are made to measure from solid wood. It is interesting that each of them carries the drawing of a map of one country, precisely because the selection of dishes in Perfect Canteen is truly world-class. A varied range of fresh foods and flavors of domestic and exotic cuisine is the daily norm.



Wooden tables are made to measure from solid wood - Perfect Canteen Technistone® hardened stone enables the milling of practical details, such as these metal grooves.

The hardened TechniStonestone® enables the milling of practical details, such as these metal grooves.