Prepare your house for autumn: 4 tips that will delight you

Autumn is already in full swing, so why not adapt the house to this season? Let’s look at the typical autumn interior decorations and trends this year.

  1. Rich colors of nature

You wont find a better place for inspiration than nature. For trendy autumn flats, you should therefore stick to typical autumn colors such as brown, dark red to purple or anthracite green. If you want to follow current trends, there shouldn’t miss the mustard yellow accessories in the apartment.

For a cozy, up-to-date interior, just change the pillows in the living room on the couch. It is not necessary to decorate the whole house with these colors.


  1. Candles and leaves everywhere!

With the upcoming cold days, we also start to heat and use more lights in the evening. Practical accessory for unpleasant autumn evenings can be fragrant candles of various kinds or stylish lanterns that may appear in every room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, where they create a romantic atmosphere. Autumn also includes colorful leaves and pumpkins, and they can be a great interior accessory.

Autumn gifts of nature can be combined perfectly with candles

  1. There are never enough of flowers

In addition to the autumn plants and fruits that you can bring from the Sunday walk, the floral motifs return to fashion. And the best are the large ones.!

Flower wallpapers in darker shades are a hit this autumn.

  1. Rich textures

“In” will also be a variety of fabrics that you can think of, and all their combinations. There is nothing better than a velvet sofa in the interior, artificial leather on the ground instead of a carpet or elegant long jacquard curtains.

Think of your comfort and put a stylish knit on your sofa, and snuggle up while reading a book or watching TV in the evenings.


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