Quartz: A new phenomenon saving nature


Quartz or engineered stone was created mainly by a group of forward thinking, intelligent men and women who, at the end of the last century, were looking for a way to solve the lack of uniform consistency of natural stone, quality and reasonable supply of stone surfaces to consumers; while minimizing the impact traditional methods inflicted on the environment. Natural stone was mined in the quarries and under rather pretentious conditions, the pure beauty of the surrounding nature quickly disappeared with every blast, or under the wheels of heavy trucks littering thousands of liters of oil. In the wake of this destruction, only the dull gray, dust covered and devastated landscape remained. At that time, the demand for durable slabs with versatile finishes and low maintenance gathered steam. Mainly because of the combination of cutting-edge technology and the natural sciences, quartz has become the perfect choice. Today only experts can really tell the difference between natural stone or quartz engineered stone. Rest assured after some time using it, the benefits and features of quartz are insurmountable and critically clear. Nature in connection with economic and ecological sustainability. Technology that goes hand in hand with nature. This is also the / R / evolution in housing, to which Technistone also contributed in the Czech Republic.

Source: Technistone, shades: Noble Linea (new in 2018), Crystal Belgium (new in 2018), Gobi Crema (new in 2018), Taurus Terazzo Grey (new in 2018)



Era of quartz.  Era of technology for green nature.

The goal of the ecological focus at the Technistone plant is to improve working conditions and the environment, while meeting the legislative requirements for air quality and environmental protection regulations. That’s why the company invests millions of crowns annually in the ecology and recycling of materials at the main plant in Hradec Kralove. TechniStone products meet stringent European and American standards, are declared with several “green certificates”, more than a third of the product portfolio uses recycled raw materials. The proportion of recycled components in the range of 20-70% is mainly in the form of recycled glass and mirror shards. Technistone makes maximum use of raw materials from local sources to reduce negative transport impacts on nature. 100% of the substances to be separated are recycled in Technistone with zero waste. Subsequently, 70% of the solvents and 50% of the oils are recycled. Remnants are carefully sorted, tracked, classified and handed over to specialty companies. The company, by building its own distribution depots, helps to reduce even much-discussed truck and ship transportation. Technistone is fully aware of the growing number of people for whom it is important that their employer or supplier behave responsibly. Technistone accepts this responsible behavior and tries to motivate all of our staff and partners. For more about certifications, please visit: https://www.technistone.com/cz/certifikace-materialu-technistone

Quartz belongs on floors, walls and furniture

And we’ll start at the walls and floor. We recommend selecting only one part to cover with quartz, and use the other material for the rest. You add a classical yet modern touch to the room. If you apply quartz to the whole space, it would be too cold. It fits into the kitchen, bathroom, living room and hall.

Source: Technistone, shades Noble Linea, Crystal Belgium, Taurus Terazzo Grey

Source: Technistone, shade Calacatta Silva

Source: Technistone, shade Calacatta Silva

Do you feel that furniture made with quartz is too much? We certainly do not! Quartz is an excellent material, massive, strong and resistant to wear and tear, so it will last long and stay in good shape. What about having a quartz coffee table in the living room? Or a kitchen table matched with a counter top? It’s chic, what do you think? In addition, you will feel good about having natural material with the fact that nature has not suffered such a big wound. If you have the time and would like to see the incredible array of shades available, please visit at: https://www.technistone.com/cz/color

Source: Technistone, shade Calacatta Amnis

Accessories are grunt!

Lamps, candles, trays, dishes, statuettes and various other artistic decorations can beautifully stimulate the mood of the interior. Just one to two pieces. Although the material is cool and robust, these small details will give you a gentle and romantic touch.

Source: Iconiq.cz