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Reinventing the jungle style kitchen

Grumpy autumn, together with its gloomy appearance, is the right time to bring a piece of nature and radiance home. Simply cheer the soul. Urban jungle is a trend that brings a lot of greenery and exotic touch to living in the heart of the city. Learn how to integrate it especially into your kitchen and lighten it up, even if you do not have enough natural light in it.


Technistone®, Crystal Calacatta Amnis

TechniStone®, Crystal Calacatta Amnis


Greenery wherever you look

The urban jungle is one of the few lifestyles that doesn’t go well with the phrase “everything in moderation”. On the contrary, “more is more“, especially for plants.

The core of the urban jungle are houseplants, lots of plants to be exact and wherever it is conceivable to place them. On the floor, on shelves, window sills, suspended from the ceiling, creepers and sometimes even entire living walls (climbing plants for example). Having greenery around you is soothing, healthy and beautiful, and we can’t think of a single reason why you should not pamper houseplants in your environment.

The kitchen is a little more specific for the “jungle” style, because there are plants that will help in freshening the air in addition to aesthetics, and then others that we should rather forget about in the kitchen.


Technistone®, Pearl Rocca

Choose plants with respect to the lighting conditions that your kitchen offers. (TechniStone®, Pearl Rocca)


In the kitchen like on holiday

The right domestic jungle must be accompanied by natural materials together with the plants. At least the largest work surface – the kitchen countertop – could reflect this trend in color or texture. The Technistone® Noble Athos Brown decor is reminiscent of life-giving soil in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Noble Concrete Grey from the same collection is again like the finest sand of exotic beaches surrounded by palm trees. All you have to do is mix a good cocktail and feel like in Bali even in the middle of a housing estate.

Reed or grass chandeliers look surprisingly good, and you can store fruits and vegetables in smaller wicker baskets. Seasonal herbs will look gorgeous in modern cotton macramé flower pots hung from the ceiling. Their production is not complicated and in addition it is fun and ideal for rainy autumn evenings.



Urban jungle-style kitchens

Urban jungle-style kitchens have earthy shades, simple and smooth doors and rustic profiles, so anyone can bring it into their home. But always go for wood rather than laminate. It is more beautiful, creates a nicer atmosphere and is more environmentally friendly. (TechniStone®, Gobi Black)


How to breathe green joy into dark corners

The right accessories will instinctively help you to create a forest atmosphere. If you do not have enough space or light for live flowers, no problem, as you can also achieve the effect of a green home with a wallpaper with a pattern of banana leaves, palms or large ferns. Large-format illustrations on the wall will do.

Kitchen textiles, napkins or serving utensils with motifs of flamingos, parrots or zebras are a very popular and undemanding way to fine-tune the kitchen in the urban jungle style to the smallest detail.


Technistone®, Starlight Black

TechniStone®, Starlight Black


We simply love this green style. It can bring any home to life and it is the only health-related addiction.